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Children’s party: Winter as a decoration theme

Winter 2017 started last Wednesday (21). And for the little ones who have a birthday at this time of year, the coldest season of the year can be a good source of inspiration for creative celebrations – marked by lots of hot chocolate and broths for starters.

Because it contains more accentuated characteristics of the season, normally the winter portrait chosen by parents is based on the northern hemisphere or the poles.

A great ally in customizing sweets, fondant can be used to reproduce the main elements of the theme on the sweets and cake: snowflakes, gloves and hats, snowmen… White and blue are usually the colors chosen for the cake. decoration, but know that they are not the only options. It is possible to compose very interesting scenarios using brushstrokes of pastel tones.

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The small details make the difference, as they attract the eye and conquer with their delicacy and simplicity. A cute idea is to wrap bottles, containers and cutlery.

One of the secrets to an unforgettable party is to ensure that, right at the entrance, guests are involved in the theme chosen for the event. A simple way to work on the concept of a strong first impression is to create a faux snow curtain at the front door. The effect can also be used to decorate the ceiling and walls next to the cake table.

As a treat, offer the little ones personalized blankets. Just don’t be surprised if at the end of the party, after eating and playing, some children use them to sleep on the sofa.

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