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Children’s party: Explosion of colors with the Watercolor theme

A trend in the world of children’s parties has been gaining momentum: playful themes. Rescuing the proposal of old parties, in which the child was, in fact, the center of the celebration, the themes without characters stimulate creativity and interaction.

In this concept, the theme emerges watercolor🇧🇷 The proposal is to explore the creativity of the little ones by proposing a playful and inviting scenario. To do this, insert elements that represent the visual arts into the decoration, from the instruments themselves, such as brushes and easels, to the colors themselves.

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Party sweets can easily be adapted to the theme, using resources such as fondant and royal icing. Explore the infinity of colors and create a unique table, displaying drawings of the child and friends.

As a souvenir, the hosts can offer their guests painting kits with easels, brushes, aprons and sets of paint and crayons. It will definitely be successful!

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