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Charm bracelet: your life told in an accessory

Mark important moments and translate your life into trinkets, this is the idea of ​​customizable bracelets. Fever among the famous, such as Sabrina Sato and Bruna Maquerzine, and among bloggers, these bracelets fell into popular taste for providing a uniqueness to those who have them, since each bracelet is made in a way, with trinkets that symbolize the life of every woman.

For blogger Michele Santos, customizable bracelets are successful, as they make it possible to express yourself through them. “With a simple bracelet, a woman can show the places she has seen in the world, her passion for the pet and even interests such as photography and fashion.”

Each person can make their own bracelet adapting it to their style and the moment of their life. According to stylist Guuh Green, customizable bracelets match any woman. “Besides being cheerful, they bring a story behind them and not to mention that silver has a unique sophistication”, says the stylist.

“For younger women, trinkets can be more fun and relaxed, while older women may prefer to do more elegant and classic compositions. This, of course, adds to what they want to tell through trinkets”, says blogger Michele.

The customizable bracelets are easy to match and can be used from the most basic to the most elegant looks. “I believe that this versatility was one of the reasons that made it become a fever”, says the blogger.

GuuhGreen bets on the combination of trinkets with clothes. “Invest in more neutral trinkets for more formal looks and more colorful trinkets for informal looks to enhance the look and make it more casual”, details the stylist. Another interesting tip is to combine several bracelets together creating a mix of bracelets or the so-called bracelet.

Life Bracelets by Vivara

Vivara launched Life, its customizable bracelet, in 2011. Since then, many celebrities and bloggers have surrendered to the charm of the customizable bracelet and started using it. Among them, Sabrina Sato and Bruna Marquezine, who even starred in brand campaigns.

There are more than 250 charms to assemble your own bracelet and 41 bracelet options to choose which best suits your style. The brand usually launches special collections increasing the variety of trinkets available. The cheapest Vivara trinket costs R$30 and the most expensive, in gold, R$1,190. Bracelets range from R$150 to R$1,650.

Pandora bracelets

Equally famous and beloved as Life by Vivara, Pandora’s customizable bracelets won the hearts of many bloggers and are now part of their everyday look. Niina Secrets, Jéssica Flores and Annabelle Fleur from the Viva Luxury blog are some of the bloggers who love to wear the brand’s customizable bracelets.

With a wide variety of charms and bracelets, it is possible to assemble a Pandora bracelet that looks just like you. There are more than 10 bracelet options and hundreds of charms for you to choose the one that most relates to your life. The trinket options range from R$55 to R$1,650 (gold trinkets). Bracelets range from R$145 to R$6,050.

Bloggers’ customizable wristbands

We’ve selected some videos in which bloggers tell the stories of their customizable bracelets and talk about the meaning of each trinket. Check out the videos and get inspiration to assemble your customizable bracelet.

Karen Bachini

Jessica Flores

Nina Secrets

Fabi Santina

Lia Camargo

Karol Pinheiro

Customizable bracelets: more affordable options

In addition to the traditional Vivara and Pandora, other more affordable brands have decided to create their own customizable bracelets. Whenever you buy one of these bracelets, evaluate its material, so you will prevent the piece from quickly spoiling or causing any type of allergy to your skin.

If you don’t intend to invest that much money in a customizable bracelet, you can buy one that is silver plated, semi-jewel, or even costume jewelry. Just look for the brands you trust and check the catalog to see if you have a customizable bracelet model. Below, check out some options for bracelets and charms with more affordable prices.

Inspirations with the charm bracelets

See in the gallery below some of the customizable bracelets used by bloggers and get inspired to match the bracelet with your look, your style and your life.

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