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Chain size: know how to choose the ideal length!

Chains are essential pieces in anyone’s jewelry box, mainly because these accessories, in addition to being stylish, They are versatile for everyday productions. However, even so, there are some questions surrounding this subject, as there are rules that make all the difference in the final composition.

For you get it right when putting together a look with chainstake note of the tips we will give in this post, starting with this tip:

Right away, you need to choose the ideal length of the item and also know what size options there are! On the website, you will even find a super varied chain catalog, ranging from sizes between 40 cm and 70 cm and also knitted. If you still don’t know what the types of chain meshes and the difference between them, find out in this post!

Continue reading and see an illustration to understand the variation in length.

Chain measurement guide

For women, the most recommended are smaller currents, 40 and 45 cm, for men, the biggest are the most recommended! But it all depends on each person’s taste, The ideal is to always take the measurement on the neck and compare with the official size chart.

How to measure current at home?

Recognizing the ideal size of the accessory is very simple and you can do it at home. To do this, simply follow the following steps:

Take a string or ribbon and place it around your neck in the desired size;
Right away, see the size in centimeters with a measuring tape;
Compare with existing standard chain measurements.

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Of course, you should choose the chain you like best, but check out some tricks to make it easier to choose without making mistakes!

Large shoulders:

For those with broad shoulders, it is recommended to avoid necklaces too close to the neck. In this case, opt for chains that draw attention to other, more central parts of the body.

Narrow Shoulders:

Now, if you have narrow shoulders, the ideal options are those closest to the neck and chest, drawing attention to the upper part of your torso.

Thin Neck:

As well as for those with narrow shoulders, short chains are ideal, 40 cm are recommended. You can choose either options with stones or simpler ones.

Thick neck:

If you have a thick neck, medium chains are the most recommended, measuring 45cm and 50cm, avoid very short chains, such as 40cm.

Short neck:

In this case, opt for larger chains, 65 and 70 cm, as they provide the illusion that this region is larger. This way, you have a much more harmonious look.

Did you like it? With these tips, you will definitely rock your chain choices. Take the opportunity to visit our page on the website and choose one that suits you! Then tell us which one you chose, we’re excited to know.

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