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Baby comfort: discover the functions and the best models

Baby comfort is a kind of seat made to maintain safety and help support children. According to INMETRO (item 34), it is intended for babies weighing up to 13 kg and must be used to transport children from birth.

Unfortunately, according to physiotherapist Thiago Dias, many people do not understand the need to use this item and that is why CONTRAN resolution 277/2008, which requires children up to 7 and a half years old to be transported in comfort babies, car seats or elevated seats , was added to the Brazilian Traffic Code.

Baby comfort features

Baby comfort is a mandatory item in the baby’s layette. Its use is full of positive points for the day to day of the family and presents several functions. Check out some of them:

  • Assist in transport within vehicles and on foot: the baby carrier is responsible for facilitating and making the transport of babies safe, whether in cars or for walks. The newborn is not able to support itself and that is why the present support acts as a collaborator in this moment of movement.
  • Promote safety: the use of a baby seat is mandatory according to traffic laws, with the aim of maintaining the physical integrity of the child. In this way, following the rules, you guarantee the safety of the baby.
  • Make everyday life more practical: this children’s item has the ability to make parents’ routine simpler. It facilitates moments like trips to the pediatrician and walks in the park, in addition to being able to be coupled, depending on the model, to baby strollers, to make everyday life even easier.
  • Insert the baby into the family’s social situations: due to the fact that babies are not tall enough to keep up with family tasks, the car seat can act as a helper to include them in these occasions and keep them in the same line of conversation with each other. other household members.
  • Bring comfort to the baby in any environment: as the name implies, the comfort baby transmits breath anywhere, as the baby feels the affection and aromas of your home when he is in the seat in question.

Now that you know all the functions that promote baby comfort, just choose the best model for your child’s safety and comfort.

comfort baby models

There are several models of baby comfort, made to adapt to the age and anatomy of each child. There are options to take the little ones in the car, as required by law, or to carry them outside. Discover the main types:

  • 3- and 5-point belts: when choosing a baby seat, it is important to pay attention to the type of belt. There are 3-point models, firm in the shoulders and legs, and also 5-point models, fixed in the shoulders, hips and legs. Both models respect traffic rules.
  • With flexible handle: how about making it easier to transport your baby between the car and other places? This is why the flexible baby comfort strap is used, an item that makes a difference in the routine of those responsible for the children.
  • Removable comfort baby with fixed base: great option to take your baby without disturbances. The base is always secured inside the car, generating practicality and the removable seat allows you to remove the baby seat when your child is sleeping, for example, without having to wake him up.
  • Comfort baby with head protector: newborns don’t have much support in the neck region. As a result, it is necessary to be concerned with the child’s head support, especially when considering the movement of transport vehicles.
  • Baby comfort with insert for the stroller: this model is versatile and represents an economy when assembling the baby’s layette. Combining essential items such as the stroller and car seat, according to safety standards, is a sure bet for the best comfort and the lowest costs.

Understanding all the functions and models, the most important thing is to worry about the safety of this essential item for the well-being of babies.

Baby comfort: how to choose?

Options abound in the market. Among so many models, how do you know which one will guarantee the safety of your little one? Check out what to look for when buying:

  1. Buy a new product and in its original packaging: as it is a safety item, it is important not to choose a used product. In addition, INMETRO found that, in general, car seats are sold out of the original packaging, which can lead to the loss of essential components and manuals for the installation and maintenance of the item.
  2. Check the group for which the car seat is intended: the comfort baby is a type of car seat restricted to children up to 13 kg, but the models may have different weight and age indications. According to the guidelines of NBR 14400, child restraint devices are divided into five groups, and comfort babies fall into groups 0 and 0+.
  3. Confirm that the product has the INOR seal: this seal is INMETRO’s certification for products in this category.
  4. Consider the space available in the car: depending on the baby’s upholstery, it may be that the car seat is too bulky for your car and the space is tighter than ideal.
  5. Check if the product has Side Impact Protection (SIP): some models have extra protection against side impacts, which ensures more safety for your baby.
  6. See if the model has the FAA seal: this certification is important for traveling parents and guarantees the indication of the baby seat for aeronautical use.
  7. Check if the seat fabric is washable: when it comes to babies, unforeseen events are almost guaranteed. Therefore, the practicality of being able to remove and wash the baby comfort fabric cover can make a difference in everyday life.
  8. Check the weight of the baby seat itself: considering that the product can be used to transport children on foot, you need to analyze how heavy the model is and whether or not it would be feasible to carry it with the baby accommodated in it.

In addition to choosing the most suitable and safe seat for your baby, it is essential to always place it correctly: facing backwards and at an angle of inclination of at least 45°.

Not using the baby carrier, car seat or booster seat can result in fines for vehicle drivers and serious risks to the lives of children.

Baby comfort: 5 good options to buy online

After knowing the aspects that need to be analyzed before choosing, check out some good model alternatives for you to buy:

1. Chicco Keyfit comfort baby

This model from Chicco is very robust, weighs 4.1 kg and has several features that facilitate the handling of the baby comfort and ensure the safety of your little one: removable seat reducer, which allows you to adjust the child’s posture; padded shoulder protectors; ergonomic and non-slip handle; five-point harness and fixed base for car.

2. Baby comfort Burigotto Touring Evolution 3042

The Burigotto baby carrier has an adjustable three-point harness and headgear; removable hood and carrying handle. The model weighs 3.5 kg and the side impact protection can be a differentiator in terms of safety. The product has a car base, but it is sold separately.

3. Prime Baby comfort baby

Covered in a padded and washable fabric, the Prime Baby comfort can be an economical option. It has an adjustable carrying strap, shoulder protector, headrest and internal seat reducer. The base is also not included in this item.

4. Cosco Bliss comfort baby

The Cosco model has a light structure (2.5 kg), strong and easy to install. It has a double-sided headrest, adjustable strap, removable and washable cover, three-point belt with two height positions and padded shoulder and crotch protectors.

5. Baby comfort Kiddo Cozycot

The model’s safety belt is three-point, the carrying handle is articulated and the hood is removable. The seat is based on a plastic frame and a rounded shell for rocking function. The weight of this baby carrier is 3.3 kg.

Knowing all the details about baby comfort and the best options on the market, it is enough to pay attention to the necessary care to not suffer from the danger of traffic and other unforeseen events of chance. Thus, your children will always be in the best environment for their protection.

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