The happiest time of the year is about to arrive! At Christmas, the streets are full of lights, celebrations and people’s hearts are happier than ever. For these reasons, the idea of ​​asking or Being proposed to at Christmas time is a real dream for many people.

After all, there is no time that conveys so much beauty, romanticism and tenderness! Furthermore, the whole family gathered for this moment, makes it even more unforgettable! If you want to surprise your loved ones, keep reading the post with 5 very special tips:

1. In the family’s secret friend:

A super fun Christmas tradition is Secret Santa. Whether at work, with close friends or with family, this is always a time for fellowship, and also good laughs. But in this case, the idea is to interrupt the secret friend, giving a breathtaking surpriseyou can still give ‘a little way’ of taking the name of the loved one when taking out the papers with the name, and instead of the gift, you will give a beautiful pair of ringsor rather, a engagement kit!

2. A toast during supper:

If you are the more traditional type, a toast with everyone gathered around the table is the perfect surprise! Christmas dinner is a moment to be shared with your loved ones and, by tradition, it is the highlight of the night. You can ask to speak and propose a toast! Everyone was surprised!

3. With Christmas Tree Ornaments:

Although the Christmas tree is traditionally put up a few weeks before Christmas, it is a great option to surprise your loved one in a creative way, In addition to the classic polka dots, stars, gift boxes and others, you can personalize some decorations with the famous phrase: “will you marry me?”and when the loved one and their family look at the tree, they will see this unexpected request there!

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4. Help from Santa Claus:

This is another idea for creatives out there! If you are a couple who likes to visit the city lights this Christmas season, how about combining it with Santa Claus on duty? In this case, you need to plan in advance. and convince your loved one to talk to Santa Claus and he will have a gift for your partner, which will be the Engagement Ring or alliances! A request like this is super fun and unforgettable!

5. Breakfast on 12/25:

Christmas Eve is quite symbolic, due to the party, the supper and the entire celebration, but the 25th is also special, if you are a more reserved couple, Ordering a very traditional breakfast is a way to make this moment eternal between the two of you. Between the coffee, juices and everything else, place a letter and, to add a more festive touch, you can decorate it with some red heart-shaped balloons. Beautiful and romantic surprise!

What did you think of the ideas for announcing your engagement at Christmas? Take advantage of the festive atmosphere to start a new path of love and joy in your lives as a couple!