Do you know what minimalism is? This word has become quite popular in recent years: it is the philosophy of life summarized in: “less is more”. It could not be different in the case of minimalist wedding rings or fine wedding rings.

Therefore, we have prepared a special post for those who are passionate about the lifestyle and discreet rings, check it out!

Minimalists value quality more than quantity, which is why they practice the art of detachment. They are not consumerist people, but rather prioritize products that combine beauty, durability and elegance.

Minimalism in wedding

When planning a minimalist wedding, the important thing is that the decoration is not overloaded, so opt for geometric elements, lighting that is different from the classic one, mirrored, discreet objects that are in line with the idea. clean.

Try not to ‘pollute’ the color palette with too many options. Want to know more tips on how to organize a minimalist wedding?! Read this post!

Minimalist wedding rings

18K Gold Classic Line Wedding Rings | Rose Gold Classic Line Wedding Rings | Matte Square Wedding Rings

Minimalist wedding rings are synonymous with elegance and delicacy. Thin gold rings without much detail are perfect for the couple who are more discreet and prefer smaller width rings.

The most recommended is that the width of minimalist rings is between 2 and 5 mm, but if you want larger models, opt for rings that are, at most, 6.0 mm or that don’t have as many details. To bring a more sophisticated look, how about rose gold rings! To learn more about this type of gold, check out the post!

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Minimalist wedding rings

When choosing rings, the important thing is to respect the hand x ring ratio. In other words, the couple must observe which width best suits their style.

Minimalism in fashion

You looks minimalists are practical and discreet, that is, they match all occasions; Neutral tones, clothes without prints, monochromatic combinations and more elegant fabrics are preferred by people who like minimalist clothes.

Minimalism in Architecture

If you are a hoarder, it may be difficult to adopt a minimalist lifestyle at the beginning of the process, however, in architecture, less busy decorations have been successful. In fact, big celebrities such as: Kim Kardashian, Ana Hickman and Glória Kalil are fans of this style.

In minimalist decoration, more neutral tones are used such as: white, gray, beige and black. Straight lines are sought and the emphasis is on natural lighting. Plants are also widely used. The ideal is for the environment to be balanced and sophisticated.

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