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Cassava broth: 16 versatile recipes that will conquer your taste

Whether to warm up when the weather gets cold or to serve something practical and full of flavor, cassava broth is always a good choice. With a creamy texture and an incredible variety of combinations, it is difficult to resist this delight that already conquers by the aroma. Check out some ways to make this dish:

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1. Cassava broth with meat: this simple and super-tasty version of broth can be the perfect outlet for when you need a practical dish, as it is made in a blender. Test it now!

2. Cassava broth with ground beef: this recipe with ground beef is perfect for those who love a well-seasoned dish full of flavors. In addition, she can combine two cassava textures, with a creamier broth and larger cooked pieces. A delight!

3. Cassava broth with jerky: this super-traditional combination of manioc and jerky is ideal for those who like well-balanced dishes. The flavor and salt of the jerky is absorbed by the cassava, standardizing the seasoning and resulting in an explosion of flavors and textures.

4. Cassava broth with chicken: for those who want a lighter alternative, without losing flavor, this version of chicken broth is an excellent choice. In addition, you can leave the final result in your preferred way, with a smoother and more uniform broth, or with larger and softer pieces of cassava.

5. Cassava broth with fit chicken: do you want to try this delight without leaving your diet? Or are you looking for fit recipes that can complement your menu? So it’s worth trying this version with fit chicken that will break any monotony of your recipes!

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6. Cassava broth with pepperoni: as it is an ingredient that absorbs flavors and seasonings very well, cassava makes a great pairing with meats with stronger flavors, such as pepperoni. The pepperoni will help to salt the cassava, standardizing the seasoning and giving a spectacular touch to your broth!

7. Cassava broth with tomato and pepperoni: in this version the tomato adds even more flavor, texture and balance to the dish. The creaminess of the cassava, the seasoning of the pepperoni and the succulence of the tomato form a recipe for a super aromatic broth, full of flavor and with a mouth-watering appearance!

8. Cassava broth with bacon and pepperoni: an option that could not be missing on our list is, without a doubt, the version of broth with bacon. Bacon gives a very special flavor to the dish, in addition to giving the broth an aroma that is difficult to resist. Thanks to its saltier flavor, it’s also perfect for balancing out the recipe.

9. Cassava green broth: if you love or want to try a good green broth, this recipe brings a practical and delicious option made with cassava. The mixture of cassava with cabbage, in addition to giving a beautiful color to the dish, also creates an explosion of light flavors full of harmony.

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10. Creamy manioc broth with jerky: for those who like more refined recipes, this creamy broth option is ideal to serve to family or friends and receive many compliments. As a differential, the recipe takes special ingredients such as cream cheese, catupiry and coalho cheese.

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11. Creamy Cassava Broth with Chicken: this special recipe is accompanied by an amazing tip for seasoning and cooking large pieces of chicken, then shredding it in just 1 minute! All this is done under pressure, which will make the preparation even faster and easier.

12. Creamy cassava broth with bacon and pepperoni: that bacon and pepperoni go perfectly with cassava we already know, however, this super creamy version uses some special ingredients that add texture and flavor to the dish. You can, for example, choose between curd and cream to give your broth a greater touch of creaminess!

13. Cassava broth with bacon, pepperoni and Bahian seasoning: if you like intense flavors like the typical seasoning of Bahian foods, you need to try and try this broth delight. In addition to the seasoning, the recipe uses smoked sausage, which gives a very characteristic and tasty touch to the dish, harmonizing with the other ingredients and resulting in an explosion of unique flavors!

14. Cassava broth with ground beef, bacon and pepperoni: by bringing together different types of meat, this recipe is perfect for those who want a good yield to serve to friends and family. The ground beef, bacon and pepperoni add a lot of flavor to the dish, but also help to make the recipe more incremented and with super interesting textures.

15. Cassava broth with shredded meat, bacon and pepperoni: this broth option will please the palate of those who prefer homemade recipes with natural seasonings. In addition to the seasoning difference, the shredded meat combines perfectly with the flavors and creamy texture.

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16. Green cassava broth with cabbage and ribs: in need of a practical yet sophisticated recipe for a special occasion? Then this version with kale and ribs could be your perfect choice. The taste of cabbage and smoked ribs will give a very gourmet touch to your dish!

If you liked this selection of cassava broth recipes that are easy to prepare and full of delicious combinations, also check out light green salad recipes to complement your meal!

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