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Astrological predictions for Brazil in 2018

Susan Miller, the most famous astrologer in the world and columnist for CLAUDIA, studied the astral map of Brazil and exclusively tells the predictions for the next year.

🇧🇷There is no denying that the last few years have been complicated for Brazilians. The stars show this. It was a period of hard planetary aspects, but it is coming to an end and will start a new phase – more mature after so many lessons. Before moving on to predictions, however, an introduction must be made.

For astrology, Brazil was born when its independence was declared and it actually became a country, on September 7, 1822. The date is auspicious. It’s a nation Virginianthe sign of supreme intelligence, which at the time of proclamation had Jupiter conjunct the Moon in Gemini, sign of a people optimistic and believer that justice must apply to everyone. It is an enchanting position, which defines the cheerful and strong-willed nature of the Brazilian. In addition, with Fish as risingshows compassion to others and has a deeply developed spirituality.

In a way, the country balances itself by demonstrating a more rationalthat of Virgo, and this other one from creativitygives lightness🇧🇷 This explains the significant number of writers, singers, composers and artists who gain relevance on the international scene.

In 2018, don’t expect a radical change right away. Adapting to a new reality always takes time. The first half of the year will still be challenging, but the second half promises a calmer sea to navigate. The Moon located in Aries suggests a pioneering and innovative path.

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The recovery of the economy

The combination of Virgo and Pisces can be very beneficial, but the truth is that both signs have been facing financial difficulties since 2010 due to the influence of Uranus, the volatile planet, in Aries, the entry sector of money🇧🇷 That budget rollercoaster was exhausting. Money often came in in large amounts and then became scarce. After seven long years, in May 15, 2018Uranus will leave this house and there will be some stability – this lasts until November 16th.

Saturn didn’t help either. The teacher planet was in Sagittarius and practically held hostage the Moon and Jupiter (which usually brings luck and gifts), reducing the power of action of both. No wonder the huge fluctuation in stock markets and the market, with sudden changes, which made the terrain unpredictable. Now breathe easy. Saturn only returns to this position in 2023. It will be a good period to clean up the mess and look at the situation from another angle. perspective🇧🇷

The planet leaves lessons, implying that the next challenges will be faced with more clarity🇧🇷 Saturn left Sagittarius and is in Capricorn, a sign of seriousness and practicality. If you want results, venture out and be flexible🇧🇷 After all, if you take the same path, fate will also repeat itself. This will bring in greater variety of business and money. The worldview will be more realistic, leading to sure actions and prestige in international scopes. It’s time to do it, Brazil! Enough of just planning. Saturn insisted on growth, he showed what is beneficial, but there is no gain without hard work.

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a responsible policy

As Sagittarius is the house of professional reputation, it was difficult to remain relevant and credible under Saturn’s rule. A true act of resistance that demanded from Brazilians a capacity that is peculiar to them, that of reinvent🇧🇷

But this is not enough. For these economic changes to be put into practice, it is necessary to leaders who seek results, a differentiated vision of the future. These posts need to be filled with people with a knack for it.

The tools you already have or manage to conquer without so many obstacles. Brazil has a golden triangle in your sky, formed by the Sun🇧🇷 Saturn and Uranus🇧🇷 This triad brings harmony and shows that, even during adversity, opportunities will always appear if there is an effort to conquer them.

It is also necessary to rely on the presence of Pluto in Arieswhich makes a beautiful angle with Jupiter in Twins🇧🇷 The dialogue created by these two conjunctions attests to the nation’s flexibility in finding investments🇧🇷 Attention to exports and imports. This area, which has always been a strength of the nation, will prove important for economic and political restructuring. The minister responsible for this sector must keep his eyes open and his head ready to deal with unplanned offers.

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Highlight areas

Mars is in Scorpio, suggesting that exchanges with other countries will be essential – there is always something to gain from a good diplomacy🇧🇷 A certain specialty, which will suddenly reveal itself, will be a success. It is likely to be scientific area🇧🇷 Neptune is in conjunction with Uranus, an aspect that demonstrates that the time has come to break the ties of the past and move on to a phase of determination and independence.

The lunar nodes are imaginary lines traced by the orbits of the Moon and the Sun, which mark the meeting points. Following these paths allows us to better understand the existing connection between the world psychic🇧🇷 emotional (defined by the Moon), and actions and contact with the environment (which have to do with the influence of the Sun). The north lunar node shows the direction to go.

Brazil’s is in Aquarius, a futuristic sign that points to finding a purpose and, from there, success🇧🇷 In this case, it reveals that three sectors should achieve greater growth, with the capacity to lead the country to become more competitive and gain respect on the world stage. are they the scientific researchO humanitarian work it’s the development🇧🇷

The arts will find a special place in people’s hearts. The moment will be conducive to the manifestation of talent, with the emergence of many names that will become relevant.
If there is one feature that has benefited Brazil in recent years and should continue to do so, it is the ability to articulate well. The country has the Moon, the Sun, Mercury and Virgo located in Gemini, the sign of Communication🇧🇷 This indicates strong competence for jobs in this area. One should use the ease of expressing one’s desires wisely and negotiate the best conditions to carry them out. but it’s the resilience and the courage typical of the people that will really play an important role in overcoming obstacles.🇧🇷

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