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Caipirinha: 30 amazing recipes to share with friends

The caipirinha is a hit at barbecues, feijoadas and meetings. It is a very Brazilian alcoholic drink that, originally, is made with cachaça, lemon, sugar and ice. It is one of the drinks most loved by Brazilians and foreigners who visit our country.

Despite the original recipe, the caipirinha has gained other versions to please different tastes. It can be made with vodka or cachaça, with fruits and other ingredients. In this post, you will learn how to make delicious caipirinhas with different ingredients to share with friends. Check out:

Recipes for caipirinha with cachaça

1. Traditional lime and cachaça caipirinha: the traditional caipirinha recipe is quite simple to make and is a national passion. Caipirinha recipes are based on this. So how about starting with the traditional one?

2. Watermelon Caipirinha with Passion Fruit: a refreshing drink, very tasty and easy to make? It’s that! The mixture of watermelon and passion fruit flavors make the drink sweet.

3. Melon and watermelon caipirinha: for those who want to leave the traditional, melon and watermelon can make a good combination. A different mix, but a delight.

4. Caipirinha de cachaça with Yakult: remember the Yakult we used to drink as children? It is one of the ingredients that can be used for a delicious drink. You can still increase it with lemon slices and sugar. In just one minute, you can prepare a very different caipirinha that will please a lot of people!

5. Strawberry caipirinha with cachaça: the strawberry is one of the most chosen fruits for caipirinhas, besides the lemon. Because it has a taste that goes from sour to sweet, it makes the caipirinha a sensation of flavors.

6. Watermelon, passion fruit and ginger caipirinha: ginger is a spice that gives a different flavor to the caipirinha. The steps for this drink are simple, just put the fruits, sugar, macerate, add the ginger, put the ice and the cahaça.

7. Caipirinha Fruit Honey: this drink is a mixture of mint, lemon, tangerines, honey and passion fruit. An explosion of flavors that will make you fall in love!

8. Caipirinha with Tahiti lemon, clove and Galician: this caipirinha, also known as caipirinha three lemons, is super simple to make and has these three types of lemon. It is a drink for those who like the sour flavor more, less sweet.

9. Banana caipirinha: unusual, isn’t it? But it works very well! Just put a banana, ice, sugar and cachaça in a blender and squeeze a lemon and the exotic drink is ready!

10. Red fruit caipirinha: this choice is very traditional in the country’s bars, but it’s super easy to make at home! You will only need strawberries, acerolas, blackberries, cachaça, ice and sugar.

Caipirinha recipes with vodka

11. Traditional vodka caipirinha: this is the traditional caipirinha with vodka recipe. Just use lemons, sugar, ice and cachaça. Very simple and very delicious.

12. Sicilian lemon caipirinha and vodka: due to its milder taste, Sicilian lemon gives the caipirinha a less acidic and lighter flavor. It’s great for those who don’t like very strong drinks.

13. Strawberry and vodka caipirinha: this is one of the most popular drinks in bars and restaurants. Strawberry is a delicious fruit that goes super well with the drink. It is very easy to make and requires few ingredients. Final touch: the mint leaf can make all the difference!

14. Watermelon vodka caipirinha: for hot days, nothing better than a refreshing drink to relieve the heat, right? Watermelon capiroska is a great option for these days!

15. Vodka caipirinha with condensed milk in the blender: for the ants on duty, condensed milk is the ideal ingredient. In addition to making it sweet, it makes the caipirinha super creamy.

16. Strawberry Caipirinha with Vanilla Vodka: an easy and delicious drink with strawberries and that touch of vanilla. How can you not feel like taking it?

17. Vodka Caipirinha with Skol Beats: the darling of the moment, Skol Beats, will make this recipe even more hot and delicious. You will only need strawberries, vodka, sugar, ice and Skol Beats. It’s simple and fast!

18. Vodka Caipirinha with Pineapple and Mint: this caipirinha is served inside the pineapple itself. Just take off the crown and open the lid until you turn it into a kind of cup. To make the caipirinha, you will only need ice, vodka, sugar, mint and pineapple.

19. Vodka Caipirinha with Kiwi: Kiwi is a fruit with a delicious flavor that is sour and sweet at the same time. This recipe is quite simple and everyone will love it.

20. Passion fruit vodka caipirinha: this fruity delight can be the ingredient of a perfect drink. The combination of passion fruit and vodka is sensational. And besides that the recipe is quick and easy, isn’t it? Simply remove the pulp from the fruit, add sugar, vodka and ice.

Different caipirinha recipes

21. Caipirinha with lemon, kiwi and lemonade soda: it is a softer drink that takes Sicilian or Tahiti lemon, kiwi, vodka, sugar, ice and lemonade soda. It is a very delicious and refreshing drink!

22. Lemon caipirinha with coconut water: have you ever thought about mixing popsicle with cachaça and coconut water? Unbelievably, this makes a delicious drink! The recipe for this caipirinha is from the gods!

23. Sicilian lemon, pink pepper and basil caipirinha: this caipirinha is recommended for those who like light and smooth drinks. The Sicilian lemon with pink pepper and honey neutralize the flavor of the cachaça, making the drink delicious.

24. 3 unusual caipirinhas for you to try: how about trying a jabitucaba caipirinha? Or cashew? Or passion fruit? It is possible to make amazing drinks with these fruits. It’s very simple and delicious!

25. Non-alcoholic mango, pineapple and rosemary caipirinha: this option is for those who do not drink alcohol or for those who are unable to drink alcoholic beverages. It is a smooth, sweet drink that has a touch of herbs due to the rosemary. Alcohol is replaced by coconut water.

26. Blackberry Caipirinha with Sake: For those who want to try something different and change the cachaça or vodka, a good option is sake. This blackberry caipirinha with sake will make your mouth water. The tip for the summer is to use frozen fruits to better enjoy the flavor.

27. Caipirinha with beer: cachaça, beer, lemon, ice, sugar and salt can turn into a perfect drink! This one is for those who like drinks with a lot of alcohol and a very different flavor.

28. Tequila and tangerine caipirinha: tequila is a drink widely used for exotic drinks. And the caipirinha could not be left out. This mixture of tequila and tangerine makes the drink delicious and well balanced in flavor.

29. Açaí and passion fruit Caipirinha: we already know that açaí is delicious, right? But have you ever imagined joining it with passion fruit and cachaça? The caipirinha recipe that resulted from this mix is ​​an option for those who want to dare when preparing drinks.

30. Caipirinha with yellow fruits: mango, carambola and passion fruit! A perfect combination of yellow fruits and a shot of cachaça make the perfect drink to enjoy with friends. Ideal for summer, it’s a super-refreshing and delicious drink.

Did you like the recipes? How about getting your friends together and experimenting? The caipirinha recipe can be adapted to your taste and please different tastes. Also check out some mojito recipes for a refreshing drink.

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