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Black hair: learn how to keep your hair shiny and hydrated

When someone announces their desire to color their hair black, it’s common to hear the following warning from someone: you’re going to ruin your hair. Although the fame of black ink is not the most friendly, the story that black coloring, by itself, ruins the wires is just a myth. “Because it does not contain, or contains a very small concentration, the agent that opens the cuticles (usually ammonia), the dark dye is less harmful to the hair”, says Dr. Juliana Spektor, dermatologist specializing in hair therapy at Clinica Helena Costa, in Rio de Janeiro.

In addition, the dermatologist guarantees that dark tones are easier to care for. “Dark hair, from brown to black, dyed or natural, is usually easier to maintain color and shine than blonde or red hair”, comments Juliana.

Unlike some colors and painting techniques that are remembered and forgotten according to the fashion of the time, black hair is a constant presence in the world of beauty. Since Cleopatra’s famous and desired hair, many other personalities have used black hair throughout the ages.

The list of celebrities who have sported black hair is long: Angelina Jolie, Jessie J, Audrey Tautou, Olivia Munn, Lana Del Rey, Rihanna. The tone has already been adopted by celebrities known for their modern style, such as Vanessa Hudgens and Katy Perry; but it is also the choice of Dita Von Teese, adept at a more retro look. In Brazil, actresses like Thaila Ayala and Isis Valverde have already bet on the look.

Who can have black hair?

If celebrities show that black hair can go very well with any style and personality, doubts about skin tones and age are frequent.

Being a dark tone, black tends to create a heavier look, which is why it is especially suitable for younger people. Also, those who have very accentuated dark circles may prefer to run away from the color, as dark hair can make them stand out even more.

As for skin tone, black is democratic: it looks good on both lighter and darker skins. “According to visagism, dark and black skins go well with black hair”, says Daniele Nascimento, a technician at Embelleze. While brunettes and blacks sustain the tone more naturally, the whitest ones create a more dramatic look. “But remember: the ideal color is the one that makes you happy!”, completes Daniele.

black hair care

Care should begin even before applying the dye. After all, sensitized wires may not absorb the product. When choosing the color, prefer those that have vegetable oils in the composition, as they hydrate more and dry the hair less.

After dyed hair, the biggest challenge is to keep it hydrated, with a vivid color and without losing its shine. Habits such as direct exposure to the sun and the use of a hairdryer, flat iron and babyliss without thermal protection can cause the color to fade and the wires to take on an opaque appearance and a reddish background. To avoid this effect, the use of thermal protection products and hair sunscreen are essential.

Some procedures should also become part of the routine to keep black hair healthy and shiny. Juliana Spektor and Daniele Nascimento recommend weekly hydration of the wires. Cauterization and shine bath have a deeper action and can be repeated monthly.

As for products – shampoos, conditioners and finishers – give preference to those suitable for dyed hair, which help to maintain color and shine. If the appearance of the color is not pleasing and it is not yet time to touch up the roots, the best option is to use a toner.

Learn how to bathe in glitter at home

Including the shine bath in your calendar is an essential aspect to always show off shiny and vividly colored hair. Traditionally, the shine bath is a procedure that includes dyeing, so it should be applied on longer dates.

However, performing the process frequently in the salon may not be the most pleasant option for all budgets. Giving a shine bath at home is possible and simple, and you can also opt for a recipe that does not require the use of paint and still has a good result.

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to give shine to black hair at home without using dyes or toners:


The amount of each ingredient depends on the length of your hair.


  1. Mix all ingredients well;
  2. Wash your hair with shampoo and remove excess water;
  3. With your hands, apply the mixture all over your hair;
  4. Put on a shower cap and let it act for 40 minutes;
  5. Rinse in cold water;
  6. Finish by washing your hair with conditioner.

Blogger Fernanda Chaves bets on this process to give her hair a shine. Follow the step by step in the video.

Recommended products for black hair

Choosing products suitable for dyed hair, dark creams and protectors for high temperatures is essential to keep the hair beautiful. Check out these and other products for black hair in the gallery.

5 habits that ruin black hair

In addition to the care already suggested, also check out some habits that should be excluded from your hair routine so that your hair is always beautiful:

1. Excessive exposure to the sun

Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays is largely responsible for the effect of faded color and reddish reflections. At the beach, pool or any other occasion where you need to face the sun, bet on the use of a hat and hair sunscreen.

2. Flat iron, dryer and curling iron

Exposing your hair to high temperatures will also damage your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Before using a hairdryer, flat iron or babyliss, do not dispense with the use of a thermal protection product, which has the function of sealing the wires and forming a protective film.

3. Using the wrong amount of ink

When coloring, it is essential to observe the amount of product indicated by the manufacturer. “When the ideal amount is not used, there is a risk of hair becoming stained”, warns Daniele Nascimento.

4. Using inappropriate products

Choose shampoos, conditioners and finishers suitable for dark or colored hair. The use of inappropriate products can end up drying and fading the wires.

5. Wash with hot water

The tip of dermatologist Juliana Spektor is to avoid hot water when washing your hair. “In the bath, prefer warm water and, if possible, in the final rinse use cold water, which helps to seal the cuticles of the wires giving a greater shine”, she advises.

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