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Ripple bikini: meet the model that lifts the butt

With the arrival of summer, it is common to hit that urge to buy a bikini, right? Have you ever thought about using a model that gives a slight pert to your butt? This is the proposal of the ripple bikini. It is also known as butt lifts and heart shape. This happens because of its cut, which can be in V or because of a seam in the center back of the piece, which generates an appearance of greater volume.

Success among several Brazilian women, this can be a new piece for your wardrobe. If you don’t want to spend money, it’s also possible to learn how to reform an old panty that you have in your house. Check out:

Ripple bikini: 40 models for you to fall in love with

We’ve selected dozens of ripple bikini models to help you choose your next summer’s look.

1. The coral ripple bikini is the face of summer

2. And yellow brings the sun closer to the body

3. Ruffles are mega high

4. Just like this one

5. How about betting on the printed ripple bikini?

6. The pink model suits all skin tones

7. And you can vary the top

8. Flamingo print is everything

9. Just like the floral

10. It is also worth betting on a more abstract

11. And even in striped details

12. The printed ripple bikini is great for hot days

13. Look how cute this option with stars is

14. The model who lifts his butt is here to stay

15. And it can be used by both skinny

16. How much for the chubby ones

17. The strip panties are a charm, be printed

18. Or in single color

19. The yellow background looks really good with a colorful print

20. The combination of black and white never goes out of style

21. It is possible to find ripple with cute prints

22. And with ruffles on the panties

23. And even in a discreet version

24. There are options for all tastes

25. Be very basic

26. Or with lots of colors

27. Leaving your butt up has never been so easy

28. This is a basic model, but with a modern print

29. Yellow is winning everyone’s hearts

30. Lace is a detail that makes all the difference

31. Dental floss is great for those looking for a sexier option

32. Even if he has bows

33. A pretty print can also be discreet

34. Ruffles on the edges are a mega trend

35. Who said the classic had to be boring?

36. Neutral tones are also super valid

37. How about staying by the pool in a ripple bikini?

38. Look at the yellow

39. This print has a beach face

Even having a pattern, the ripple bikini is very democratic, as it fits all types of bodies. Also, you can opt for wider or narrower models. It is also worth choosing between printed or plain. Not to mention the top part is up to you.

Ripple bikini: how to make it

Did you know that you can turn an ordinary bikini into a ripple bikini? Check out the tutorials below!

DIY ripple bikini easy, by Juli Machado

To do this makeover at home, you will only need panties, scissors, thread, needle, elastic band, pen and ruler. Here, you can see how to make the center back of your bikini pucker. Thus, it is already possible to obtain the desired result.

DIY bikini lifts butt, by JaciBela

How about turning a top into ripple panties? Innovative, this is a proposal for those who have a piece they don’t like marking silly. Also, check out how to turn high-waisted panties into a top. A completely new bikini!

Summer DIY, by Lizandra Santos

In this video, you learn how to transform a shirred side bikini into a ripple model. For this, it is only necessary to sew an elastic band in the panties. Check out the detailed step by step.

The ripple bikini can be a great bet for hot days. In addition to helping to lift the butt, it fits any body type. Now, just choose which one you like the most and, who knows, get your hands dirty.

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