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9 aesthetic treatments to shape the body and reduce localized fat

There’s nothing better than having a sculpted body free of stretch marks, cellulite and excess fat, right? But to conquer all these desires, you need to have a balanced diet, practice physical exercises and invest in some aesthetic treatments.

But you have to be very careful and choose the right options for your body type. For this, consult your doctor beforehand so that he can guide you on the best way to lose weight and reduce localized fat. “There are several clinics that offer various treatments, but if they are not done well and guided by specialists, they can cause numerous health problems and also lead to death, as has been reported in several cases on television”, warns personal trainer Julia Bioti.

Check out some aesthetic treatments that are widely used and promise to reduce fat and treat stretch marks and cellulite.

1 – Ultrashape V3

Through ultrasonic pulses, fat cells break down. “It’s a non-invasive treatment and they break down fats directly. It does not cause any type of injury and in some cases, the result is visible in a few weeks”, explains the personal trainer.

2 – Freeze

Radiofrequency together with magnetic pulses heats the skin and increases collagen and elastin synthesis, which brings more firmness. “It is also ideal for the treatment of cellulite and stretch marks”, comments Julia.

3 – Leort Massage

Massage is performed with the union of substances that promote the breakdown of fats as well. After the massage, the patient wears a compression garment that should be worn for approximately 4 hours.

4 – Lymphatic drainage

A well-known treatment for women, drainage stimulates the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins present in the body. “Through urine, we eliminate the toxins that contribute to the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. It is also important that the woman consumes at least 1 L of water a day”, says Julia.

5 – Fractional laser

Indicated for the treatment of stretch marks, the laser penetrates the skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, bringing firmness. “It’s no use investing in this treatment and abandoning physical exercises. On the contrary, keep working out and control your food”, suggests the personal trainer.

6 – Sports massage

With quick movements, the technique increases circulation and assists in the elimination of toxins. For those who practice physical exercises or work out, it also prevents muscle injuries, recovers and prepares the body for sports.

7 – Organic Comoto

The organic compound xanthine promotes a reduction of approximately 11 cm in the waist, according to research carried out by the University of the State of Louisiana, in the United States.

“Although studies prove that the substance is safe, it is necessary to ask your dermatologist for guidance so that he can analyze whether you can use the cream without risk of allergies”, guides Julia.

8 – Endermologie

Indicated for the elimination of cellulite, the technique is performed with the aid of equipment that presses the skin and activates the circulatory system. Hypertensive people and pregnant women, for example, should not adhere to this type of treatment.

9 – Modeling massage

Through the massage with quick and intense movements, the accumulated fats are broken down, eliminating toxins from the body through urine and sweat. “There are clinics that explain and guide how to do this technique at home. It’s easy and brings positive results”, concludes Julia.

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