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89-year-old woman is successful on Instagram with illustrations made on a computer and even draws attention from Disney

Concha García Zaera is 89 years old and has more than 240,000 followers on Instagram. The elderly woman became famous thanks to the illustrations she produces using the Paint software, something that started out as a mere hobby. However, the hobby caught the attention of many people and even Disney, a company that got in touch with you to propose a collaboration.

If you don’t know her yet, the awesome.club gives you the chance to learn more about the Spanish grandma who learned to draw using the computer and who became a web celebrity with the artistic work she develops.

The beginning of the hobby

On Concha’s Instagram page, we can read: “I am an 88-year-old lady (today she is already 89🇧🇷 I like to paint using the Paint program and, above all, spending time with my family and friends”. This is how Concha defines herself on the social network that gave her celebrity status. But how did it happen?

She was always interested in drawing, but initially produced them with pen and paper. Later, she started to attend the Popular University of Valencia, in Spain, where she learned to work with oil paints, but had to abandon the technique when the strong smell of the paints began to bother her husband, who was sick.

In 2006, Concha’s children gave her a computer so that she could ward off the boredom she was always complaining about. They imagined that their mother would use the machine to write her memoirs, control finances and study topics related to culture, but one day she decided to draw in Paint🇧🇷 starting a beautiful story.

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The Leap to Fame

In the beginning, the drawings made by Concha were very simple. The first thing she made was a house with clouds, but day after day, she added details to the drawing. This is how the pastime gained new and greater proportions. Patiently, the elderly woman improved her skills in Paint and learned the hard way that it is necessary to save the works with each change made, to avoid unwanted smudges.

Concha herself does not consider herself a very creative person, but she believes that does well making copies, as long as you have something to inspire you: a painting, a postcard, a magazine, etc. When she sees something she likes, she takes a picture, prints it out and puts it on the computer to “trace” it. And so, she managed to draw birds, fish, beaches, lighthouses, bridges and some representative places of Spanish cities.

Initially, Concha only showed her work to family and friends, despite the fact that most of her colleagues didn’t even know what Paint was. Everyone liked the illustrations very much, and that was enough for the old woman. However, her granddaughters insisted that she share her works on social media. First, she did it using Facebook, but it was on Instagram that Concha became really famous.

She confesses to having been a little scared to see that the number of followers was increasing non-stop. “I don’t quite understand why my drawings get so much attention. For me, these are very simple things,” she said.

a granny influencer wanted by disney

At the end of 2018, when preparing the premiere of the film Mary Poppins Returns, Disney Spain got in touch with Concha García to ask her to do your own interpretation of the famous character following your drawing style in Paint.

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Concha was already a fan of the character Mary Poppins and Disney was fascinated with the work done, stating that that work of art was “perfect in every way”, with due attention given to each characteristic detail of the image.

The work, by the way, was a real challenge for Concha, as she had never drawn faces before. The artist dedicated several weeks to illustration, especially to the hat and hair. But the result was worth it.

Below, you can see some more examples of the work developed by Concha. These are drawings so rich in detail that they make us wonder how she was able to produce them in Paint.

Can you see the details of the leaves at the top of the trees?

Facade of a flower shop

Moose appear in several illustrations made by the artist.

His reinterpretation of the Statue of Liberty, dressed in typical Valencian women’s clothing

Santorini, Greece drawing

How about a toast?

Concha loves to reproduce iconic landscapes of Spain

This drawing was named “Cantinho Andaluz”

Bonus: the artist celebrating her 89th birthday

What did you think of the work done by Mrs. Concha? What is her favorite design among the ones produced by her? Comment!

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