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7 Kit Kat cake recipes for a chocoholic who never fails

Kit Kat cake is a hit with kids and adults alike. For years he has appeared frequently at birthday parties and other celebrations. It is possible to bake it in several formats, placing the chocolate in the filling or decoration. Still, what defines this cake, in general, are Kit Kat bars forming the contour of the candy.

The main flavors are on account of the dough and fillings, which allow you to abuse creativity. Different types of pasta are released, such as sponge cake, traditional chocolate and others. And for the filling, fruits, ganaches, brigadiers or any other sweet you like. Check out the recipes:

1. Easy Kit Kat Cake

A cake made in 10 minutes, which doesn’t go in the oven and takes only 7 ingredients, looks like a lie. However, it is possible to make this recipe effortlessly: just bet on ready-made sponge cake, purchased at a bakery you trust. For the filling and topping, the secret is also to use ready-to-eat ingredients, such as brigadeiro or dulce de leche and Kit Kat with M&Ms to decorate. Check out the full recipe.

2. Kit Kat cake with ice cream

Ice cream cake is a perfect recipe for the Brazilian heat. Here, the dough is replaced by your favorite ice cream, based on stuffed cookies and milk, surrounded by Kit Kat. The key to the success of this dessert is to cut the chocolates according to the size of your mold, in order to create a nice height for the assembly. To reach a firm consistency, keep the cake in the fridge for several hours, unmoulding only when serving. To learn the step by step, visit the recipe link.

3. Kit Kat cake with chocolate dough

This cake is known as the trick cake, ideal for those who have never had experience with decorations. The flavors are enhanced by a traditional chocolate dough and a filling made with semisweet chocolate. The assembly will be responsible for highlighting the cake, given by Kit Kats in the contour and confections of your choice on top. Use candy like M&Ms, Confetti or Chocoballs. For all the details, see the full recipe.

4. Kit Kat cake with ganache filling

Kit Kat cake has a very cool look to please children and brighten up birthday parties. In this version, you can use any chocolate cake recipe and the filling must be a ganache or a basic brigadeiro. Take advantage of the assembly time to call the family’s kids to help in the kitchen, it’s going to be a success! To stay on top of each step, check out the complete preparation method.

5. Kit Kat cake with two brigadiers filling

Following the recipe definition: this cake is to die in peace! The differential here is the filling made of two brigadiers, one with nest milk and a traditional one, which will also serve as a topping. The dough is chocolate and must be baked on two baking sheets, to create layers when assembling. Watch the video and know all the steps.

6. Cupcake with Kit Kat

How about innovating with this cake that takes Kit Kat in its stuffing? The dough contains neither milk nor water, creating a brownie-like consistency. The secret to an intense chocolate flavor is to assemble the cake in layers, placing the dough still raw Kit Kat bars and then more dough, dividing it into three parts. Finally, decorate with chopped pieces of Kit Kat. To check out all the ingredients and steps of the dessert, access the step by step.

7. Kit Kat Cake with Banana Dough

This recipe presents the balance between dwarf banana and chocolate. The dough is moistened with lemon juice and Kit Kat goes both in the decoration and in the filling. For the ganache, use 550 grams of chopped chocolate, half bitter and half milk, and 275 grams of cream. Decorate with Kit Kat bars on the sides and pieces of the same chocolate on top. Tie the entire cake with a ribbon bow – this will prevent the decorations from coming off. For more details, check out the full recipe.

Versatility defines this delicious chocolate. Choose your favorite option among the recipes and set off in the kitchen! If your passion for cakes is really big, also check out several versions of churros cake to prepare in the next opportunity!

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