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7 benefits of pink pepper and delicious recipes with this ingredient

Pink pepper is the fruit of the mastic tree (Schinus terebinthifolia), being a variety with a mild and slightly sweet flavor. Thus, it is quite versatile and can be used to season the most diverse preparations. In addition, this spice is rich in nutrients and can bring many benefits to your health. Follow the information and check out the recipes we separate below!

7 benefits of pink pepper that will convince you to consume it

We interviewed nutritionist Pollyana Guimarães (CRN 11529), a specialist in Clinical Sports and Functional Nutrition, to learn about the properties of pink pepper. She explains that, “even with the variety of peppers and their particularities, they all bring health benefits, as they are rich in capsaicin and/or peperin, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that help our body in several aspects”. Below, she checks out more benefits pointed out by the professional:

  • It is a source of nutrients: the nutritionist points out that pink pepper is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E, in addition to containing calcium, iron and fiber.
  • It has antioxidant action: this is due to the presence of beta-carotene and lycopene, “which help prevent the formation of free radicals that are responsible for the aging of cells and can cause some diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s”, explains Pollyana.
  • Helps with immunity and cell protection: the vitamins present in pink pepper fulfill this function. In addition, the specialist adds: “vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron, in the production of collagen, skin and bones and in the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which acts on mood, stress and pain”.
  • It is an excellent brain tonic: the nutritionist explains that this occurs by stimulating blood flow and circulation. Because it is a vasodilator, pepper also helps to reduce water retention and blood pressure.
  • Contains calcium: according to Pollyana, this is “an important mineral for bone health, muscle contraction, heart rate and the blood clotting process”.
  • It has thermogenic action: according to the professional, pink pepper acts in the production of heat and in the control of flu and colds. In addition, “it improves the production of gastric juice and digestion, reduces gas and can still be used as an analgesic, as it contains capsaicin”.
  • Helps in weight loss: “because it is thermogenic, it accelerates metabolism, and increases satiety due to the taste. This makes controlling your appetite easier and, consequently, can help you consume fewer calories throughout the day. But it does not replace correct behavior, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet and practice physical activity”, warns Pollyana.
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Regarding the wide variety of peppers, with different origins and spiciness powers, the nutritionist adds: “the spicier the flavor of the pepper, the greater its content of capsaicin, which is present mainly in the seeds and veins of the pepper’s skin” .

7 recipes with pink pepper to enjoy all its benefits

Pollyana explains that, to help with weight loss, pepper can be used as a seasoning in meals. “Another tip is to add a pinch of pepper to juices, smoothies, morning shots and water, as this helps boost metabolism throughout the day, burning more calories.” With that in mind, we’ve selected a variety of recipes to use pink peppercorns and take advantage of all the health benefits that this ingredient brings. Check out!

1. Tangerine Gin and Tonic with Pink Pepper

Here, you learn to make a drink that takes pink pepper, tangerine and syrup of the same fruit, as well as gin, tonic water and ice. The result is a colorful, delicious drink that will impress your guests. Check out the quantities and the complete preparation method in the video!

2. Sicilian lemon caipirinha with basil and pink pepper

In this recipe, pink pepper is combined with lemon and basil to prepare a very aromatic and tropical caipirinha. Just macerate the fruit juice with basil leaves and sugar, add ice and vodka and stir well. Pepper is used at checkout to give the drink an extra flavor!

3. Tangerine caipiroska with pink pepper

This video brings another super refreshing drink recipe for the summer. Here, pink pepper is again used with tangerine: both must be well macerated with sugar and then vodka is added. Finally, the drink is decorated with a slice of the fruit, a sprig of rosemary and served with plenty of ice!

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4. Pink Pepper Jelly

Nothing like a homemade jam to please candy fans and replace the industrialized versions, right? To prepare it, just toast and pass the peppercorns in a mortar, then put them on the fire with sugar, lemon juice and an apple juice previously made in a blender. It’s a delight!

5. Vegan hot chocolate with pink pepper

This drink promises to warm up the cold days and is free from ingredients of animal origin. Write down the items you will need: soy milk (or other plant-based milk), cocoa powder, sweetener, green banana flour or biomass, cinnamon and cornstarch. After mixing everything, just take it to the low fire, stir until it thickens and finish with the pink pepper.

6. Pear jam with rosemary and pink pepper

In this video, you learn another sweet recipe enhanced with pink pepper. In addition to it, the preparation only takes pear, sugar, water and rosemary. Just cook the pieces of fruit in sugar water for about 20 minutes, then add the pepper and finally add the rosemary. Then just enjoy dessert!

7. Pineapple and Pink Pepper Pie

In addition to delicious, this recipe has an amazing presentation! For the crispy pie crust, you will need flour, salt, butter, blackberry puree and water. Afterwards, pieces of pineapple will be added over a mixture of butter, brown sugar, pink pepper, cinnamon and lemon juice to be caramelized in the oven. Check out the preparation details in the video!

Cautions and Contraindications

According to the nutritionist, pink pepper should be avoided by people with gastrointestinal problems, such as ulcers and gastritis, and even hemorrhoids. “Pepper doesn’t cause any of these problems, but it can worsen symptoms,” she explains.

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Now that you know several versatile and delicious recipes, it will be easier to include pink pepper in your preparations. And if you’re a fan of this flavorful condiment, also learn about the benefits of cayenne pepper and learn how to consume it!

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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