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Curly hair: the best hairstyles and special care

If, until the mid-2000s, the world seemed to boast only straight locks, today curls have earned their place in the sun. More and more women assume a natural look, with curly and empowered hair. Want to join this group? See tips to identify the best cuts for curly hair and products to have light, defined hair and the volume you want!

types of bunch

First of all, you need to understand how curls differ from straight hair. Because they are naturally spiraled, wavy, curly and frizzy hairs have more open cuticles and greater difficulty in distributing the oil from the scalp along the length of the hair. This means that they tend to be more fragile and dry.

To know the proper cutting and hydration care, it is important to know the different types of curly hair curvature. For this, it was agreed to use a scale that goes from 2 to 4, being 2 for wavy hair, 3 for curly hair and 4 for curly hair.

Check out the subcategories, particularities and care for each one below:

  • 2A: with a smooth root, they gain a slight “S”-shaped wave, wide and without much definition, along the length. As they do not have much volume, hair of this type needs light products, but with high fixation, as is the case with gel products.
  • 2B: Waves start to form closer to the root and are a little shorter and more defined. Even so, it is a hair without much volume, so it is recommended to use light products and without excess oil in the composition – whether in the wash, finalization or day after.
  • 2C: it’s almost curly hair, but with a more open curly hair that comes apart easily. Therefore, it is best to opt for the moderate use of high fixation products – which, in this case, can even be a little more moisturizing, since it is a hair with volume.
  • 3A: first subgroup of curly hair, often confused with hair type 2C. The difference is that the strands are more voluminous and shrink a little more when they are defined. Although your curls do not fall apart completely, this type of hair is greatly affected by frizz, so it is recommended to use mousses when finishing.
  • 3B: the curls of this hair are already starting to form the “springs” of the curly hair. It is a very versatile type, being able to be more or less defined according to the finishing, which also affects the volume. As they are more dry, they need a lot of hydration after washing, especially on the ends.
  • 3C: smaller and with a lot of definition, the curls of this type of hair also guarantee a lot of volume. Although less affected by frizz, it suffers a lot from drying, and it is recommended to use products with oil in the composition. This will leave your hair looking beautiful, shiny and healthy.
  • 4A: this is fine hair with very small curls, but super defined, as if they were small “molinhas”. They are quite bulky from the root and slightly opaque, as they have fewer scales. Bet on very hydrating products, such as pearly shampoos without sulfates, as well as the mixture of water, cream and oil to finish.
  • 4B: because they have strands with a “Z”-shaped structure, the curls of this type of hair have less definition, but a lot of volume, despite the shrinkage factor. In addition to using moisturizing products, it is possible to use techniques such as twist or fitment to give more definition.
  • 4C: very thin and fragile due to dryness, the wires can shrink up to 80%. In addition, 4C hair curls do not form on their own, so texturing is necessary depending on the desired look. To keep them healthy, a tip is to follow the capillary schedule, with regular hydration, nutrition and reconstruction.
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The cool thing about this new wave of acceptance of curly hair is that it doesn’t idealize a single type of curl, but believes that they all have their beauty. Therefore, the most important thing is to keep them healthy, with the right dose of hydration. From there, it’s up to you to use it more or less defined and with more or less volume. In fact, why not use it in a different way every day? Enjoy the versatility of curls!

Cuts for curly hair

If a good cut already makes a huge difference in straight or curly hair, then it is essential. After all, this is what will bring lightness in the right spots, in order to give shape and allow the formation of curls. See below a selection of curly cuts to inspire you:

1. A short rounded curl is a very charming idea

2. While the asymmetrical cut matches modern

3. How about leaving the volume only on top?

4. For those who think that Chanel is not for the curly, better review concepts

5. Trimmed on the sides, with more volume on the top, it also works like a charm

6. Medium length, this cut takes the weight off the ends and adds volume to the top.

7. Another option is to draw attention to the sides

8. If you want volume in everything, the rounded cut is for you

9. Rumors that the cut should never leave the volume at the bottom…

10. Despite the straight base, this cut unravels the strands for more lightness

11. For those who want to keep their length, the layered cut is already a classic

12. And brushing the locks keeps the balance, no matter how long your hair is.

13. With bangs, the tufted hair is a modern reinterpretation of 80s hair

14. In the wavy, the layers from the middle of the face give a romantic look

15. There’s nothing like the right amount of volume for a look full of power and charm!

Before facing the change of look, it is good to know that the techniques used to cut curly hair are very different from those used for straight hair. Therefore, always look for a specialized professional and comment with him/her about your care routine, including finishing. So, you can get a cut that, in addition to matching your personality, is also practical in everyday life.

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hairstyles for curly hair

Just take a quick look at Pinterest or Instagram to see that curls have been the foundation of a lot of hairstyles, whether they’re for the beach, work or parties. That is, good news for curly ones, who can skip the babyliss stage and go straight to the step by step of incredible hairstyles. See wonderful ideas below:

1. A high side ponytail gets an amazing effect on curly hair

2. You can create fake bangs

3. It can even be adapted for a party look

4. How about pinning it on top of the head, with the curls thrown forward?

5. Those who have bangs can bet on them to complete the look

6. Even more if it is voluminous as in type 4 hair

7. Achieving a voluminous bun is another cool thing about curly hair

8. And you can even complement it with a bandana

9. A low curly bun is perfect for special occasions

10. Can two buns too? Yea!

11. Or placed on a semi-imprisoned

12. By the way, half-up hairstyles are super-romantic combined with curls

13. The braided tiara is another idea for romantics

14. Bantu knots are for those who love a stylish look

15. Just like this tailored mohawk

Did you like the inspirations? Take advantage of the fact that curly hair is quite malleable and easy to fix to put them into practice right now.

Curly hair care

Remember that curly hair has a different structure, with more open scales, which makes it difficult to hydrate the strands from the scalp? This means that this type of hair needs special care when it comes to moisturizing. In addition, because hair is very prone to frizz, several techniques can be used to define the highlights and achieve the dreamy curl of influencers. Below you can see some of them:

No and Low Poo – All About Technique, by Steffany Borges

Widely used by curly hair, the technique proposes to reduce the use of chemical products and petroleum derivatives, in order to maintain the hydration of the wires. In the video, the influencer explains what it is, what are the components to be avoided and what to do to start adhering to the technique.

Hair Schedule, by Luany Cristina

Indicated mainly for curly hair (type 4), the hair schedule for curly hair is highly recommended. In the video, the YouTuber talks about what it is, how she usually does it and shows the calendar followed to fulfill the steps of hydration, nutrition and hair reconstruction.

Stretched Fitagem, by Rayza Nicácio

One of the favorite finishing techniques for curly hair, the fitment consists of separating the hair into ribbons (small locks), applying product to them and kneading them towards the root to define the curls. The difference is that the technique developed by the YouTuber herself separates the locks when the hair is almost dry. See the step by step in the video.

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How to finish the hair in the hair transition, by Mathira Menezes

For those who took on the curls a short time ago and are still in the so-called hair transition, this video brings the technique known as “dedoliss”, in which you roll each strand around your finger as if it were really a curling iron, which helps to define the curls .

As for the products indicated for washing, treatment and finishing, it will depend on your type of curl. Remembering that those with less volume should always receive light products, while the bulky ones benefit a lot from the use of oil, as long as it is applied in moderation.

10 products that will make your curls even more beautiful

In addition to acceptance, one of the reasons for the curls to be more exuberant every day is that curly women started to use specific products for this type of hair. As a result, beauty product manufacturers have been developing more items dedicated to curls. The result is that, nowadays, it is possible to find shampoos, conditioners, finishers and treatments for all needs. And, best of all, for all budgets! Check out the best rated products among the curly divas below:

Where to buy

  1. Yamasterol Multifunctional Cream, at Droga Raia
  2. “You can use yamasterol in different ways: as a leave-in, as a conditioner, in the hair schedule… Just apply it the way you prefer. As a conditioner, it is great, hydrates and nourishes the wires as promised.” – Ana Catarina, from Cacheia

  3. Soul Power Curly Styling Cream, at Época Cosmeticos
  4. “I had an AMAZING definition, a wonderful shine and a decrease in frizz so absurd that I got scared. The scent of the product is very pleasant, it reminded me of a perfume I wore when I was a teenager, making everything nostalgic.” – Thiarlley Valadares, from Just Fugindo

  5. Leave-in Cream Icing Kah-Noa, in Americanas
  6. “I like the lightness that the Glace Kah-Noa cream provides to the hair, a fact that provides more voluminous curls. If you prefer less volume and more weight, just use a larger amount of the product.” – Karina Viega, from Acorda Bonita

  7. Boom Free, Light, Loose Curls Silk Combing Cream at Droga Raia
  8. “Definition, lightness and volume, so it’s wonderful. Really, I really liked it. It’s great for day afetr and I really liked it.” – Eva Mota

  9. Botica Perfect Curls Bio Extratus Conditioner, in Americanas
  10. “The strong point that I found and that I loved is that the curl is much more defined and very shiny.” – Luiza Costa Cachuda

  11. Deva Curl Styling Cream Styling Cream, at Época Cosmeticos
  12. “It smells really good! I’ve already applied a lot to my hair and it doesn’t weigh down at all. But you don’t need a huge amount for your hair to have a nice effect.” – Verena Barros

  13. Butter…

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