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60 song phrases to pack your day

Strange would be if I didn’t fall in love with you.

Nando Reis

And when I’m sad, just hold me.

Nando Reis

Do you remember when we came to believe one day, that everything was forever, without knowing that forever, always ends.

Renato Russo

For us, all the love in the world.

Marcelo Camelo

Time is sometimes alien to our will, but only what is good lasts long enough to become unforgettable.


Of all the love I have, half you gave me.

Maria Gadu

Only love can Build indestructible bridges.


But of course the sun will come back tomorrow.

Renato Russo

For you, I would tango on the ceiling, I would clean the subway tracks, I would walk from Rio to Salvador.


Sadness does not end Happiness does.

Tom Jobim

Never let them tell you that your dream is not worth believing.

Renato Russo

I’m not like that love. It was just a bad tide, forgive the drama and don’t give up on me.

Mallu Magalhães

But when I think of someone, it’s for you that I close my eyes.

Jota Quest

Even with so many reasons to leave everything as it is, neither give up nor try, now it doesn’t matter. We are going back home.

Renato Russo

From now on, everything will be different.

Roberto Carlos

I was a baby, there was no talcum powder, my mother put sugar on me…

Wilson Simonal

Of all the crazy people in the world I wanted you because your crazy looks a little like mine.

Clarice Falcão

My heart races, stumbles, almost stops, I fit into your scent and there I leave myself whole.

Tiago Iorc

You are light, you are star ray and moonlight. Sunny morning, my iaiá, my yo-yo…


If you knew how much I like your smell, your way of flower, you wouldn’t deny a kiss to someone who is lost in love.

Tom Jobim

And every verse of mine will be, to tell you that I will always love you, for all my life.

Vinicius de Moraes

Fundamental is love, it is impossible to be happy alone.

Tom Jobim

Airplane without wing, bonfire without embers, that’s me without you. Football without the ball, Tweety without Frajola, that’s me without you.

Claudinho and Cheek

I like you so much that I even prefer to hide. I leave it like that.

Lulu Santos

Loving is not a sin and if I’m wrong, fuck the world, I just want you.

Luan Santana

There’s nothing better than a requited love…

Vinicius de Moraes

I know, it’s sweet to love you… The bitter thing is to want you for me.

Los Hermanos

As soon as love entered the middle, the middle became love.

Los Hermanos

Because love is like a drink: you have to take the right dose.


It’s just that I love you and I tell you to your face, if I take you away from me, there’s nothing left.

Luan Santana

I just know that life is more colorful with you.

Jorge & Matthew

And I think I really like you, just the way you are.


It has to be you, without why or why, it has to be you, without having to understand.

Victor & Leo

Let me say I love you, let me think about you.

Marisa Monte

I want to be able to swear that this passion will never be just words, small words, words in the wind.

Cassia Eller

Hate is not real, it is the absence of love.

Raul Seixas

We are both made too much for both of us.

Caetano Veloso

Any love is already a little health, a rest in madness.

Guimarães Rosa

All you need is love.

John Lennon

I love you silently, like someone listening to a symphony of silence and light.

Lulu Santos

It’s no use insisting, since love decided to give up.

naughty smile

Cuts more than a razor the longing in my chest.

Jorge e Mateus

I would do anything not to lose you like this, but the day comes, and I let you go.

Ivete Sangalo

Damn fate that insists on making me alone.

Floriano Martins

Only what is good lasts long enough to become unforgettable.

Charlie Brown Jr.

You have to love people like there’s no tomorrow.

urban Legion

I want the fate of a movie star. I want the scene where I can shine. An intense glow, a desire, I want a kiss. A huge kiss, where I can drown.

Los Hermanos

I leave sadness and bring hope in its place.

Cassia Eller

If you want someone to trust, trust yourself. Whoever believes always achieves.

Renato Russo

May our love live forever, my gift.

Cassia Eller

There are a thousand ways to smile, only one to be happy.


I always want to be by your side, no matter what.


On this side I live peacefully and my body dances nonstop.


Take with you only what was good.


Dream makes the life happier.


Today no one is going to ruin my day, I’m just going to spend energy to kiss your mouth.

Charlie Brown Jr.

My eyes glaze over when I see you.

Cassia Eller

Surprise all those who don’t expect anything from you.

Teco Martins

You can only talk about love who loves.


If you are alone, take solitude and dance!

Marcelo Camelo

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