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50 breakup phrases to help you through this difficult time

Whoever puts an end to a passion with hate, either still loves, or cannot stop suffering.

And if you put a period, I put two more…

Ending a relationship is never easy, it’s like reaching the end of a book that could have a wonderful sequel, but doesn’t.

I hope that all the tears I’m shedding, wash my soul away from the frustrated expectations of being happy by your side.

After you break up with a long relationship, you start to select too much and don’t give your heart like you once did. Looks for mistakes in everyone instead of valuing the qualities.

If you can’t reciprocate, don’t captivate!

New love left. New plans left. Left. depart Goodbye!

Certain things were made to be immortalized in memory, just like our love.

I honestly wanted it to work, but life tripped us up.

Loving is art, but not everyone is an artist!

I know everything was better before, but time has put a strain on our relationship. It shouldn’t be like that, but it is!

The people we love the most are the ones who disappoint us the most, because we think they are perfect and forget that they are human.

It’s not hard to fight for what you want, it’s hard to give up what you love most!

Almost infatuation, almost love, almost dating, almost breaking up, almost best friends, almost forever, almost happy. I got tired of almost.

The worst thing about the end of a relationship is enduring the good memories.

Every second you spend away from me is one less time for me to forget you.

Sometimes God puts the wrong people in our lives so that when we find the right person, we know how to value them.

Never let a smile bloom saying “I love you” to later make a tear roll saying “forget me”.

The only thing I don’t want is for you to pretend that I was just a dream, because for me you were pure reality.

There is no end of a great relationship for futility. If it’s over, it’s because there was no love.

We never know how long the other will live with us after the goodbye.

There were so many jokes, so many conversations, so many laughs and look now, we didn’t even talk anymore.

I didn’t put an end to my “goodbye” because deep down I didn’t want it to end.

If it didn’t give you what you were looking for, it taught you what you needed.

One thing I learned: those who don’t value, lose.

Slander me, hate me… Just don’t forget that I loved you.

Regret won’t change your past, but it can change your future with someone else.

Love starts with a look. It intensifies with a smile. It grows with a kiss. And it ends with a tear.

If one day you come back, will I still love you?

In a way, I committed murder, killing you inside of me.

The problem is that the heart still cares, the eyes still see you, and the songs still remind you.

The best way to heal a broken heart is to let someone else fill it again.

If you love something, let it go. If it’s meant to be yours, it will come back.

When I surrender, I throw myself. But when I go back, I don’t go back.

Relationships end too soon because people fail to put in the same effort to keep you as they did to win you.

Reasons for breaking up: Maturity incompatibility.

Yesterday there were three of us: me, you and happiness. Today we are two: me and the longing.

When a relationship ends, it doesn’t always mean that the love story is over too.

End of relationship: One side, remakes life the way they want, the other, the way they can.

Love is sometimes a bad joke: you create expectations and in the end it’s not funny.

The hardest task is learning to forget who we learned to love.

We think we’ve overcome it, that we’ve forgotten it, but there are times when the heart squeezes again, right?

Let those who devalue your heart go.

The pain of parting continues here in the chest.

When the mouths already know each other, any kiss on the cheek is strange.

One day it was us, the next the knots were untied.

You learn more about someone at the end of a relationship than you do at the beginning.

It’s hard to say goodbye when you want to stay, it’s hard to smile when you want to cry, it’s harder to forget when you want to love.

I loved it for me, I loved it for you, and I loved it for both of us.

We complete each other, sharing moments and memories, mixing so much that it is impossible to separate without one taking part of the other.

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