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6 reasons to bet on skateboarding –

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Gone are the days when skateboarding was a boy thing. Today, the modality is considered a powerful weapon against localized fat and extra kilos. For those who want to define the curves and keep the body lean, we have separated some (important) reasons for you to bet on the modality:

1. Skateboard helps burn fat
One hour of activity burns up to 500 calories – that’s for beginners. When you move on to more advanced maneuvers, with curves, slopes and speed, the caloric expenditure is even greater.

2. The activity works several muscles at the same time
Doing the maneuvers is good for burning fat and working out the muscles of the upper and lower body and the abdomen, which needs to be engaged – at all times – for you to stand up and move around.

3. Skateboarding defines the body in-tei-ri-nho
“Skateboarding works the buttocks, abdomen, thighs and calves, in addition to the arms and back, which you also need to move to get momentum and get out of place,” explains Marcelo Sant’anna, physical education teacher at the Smart Fit gym in São Paulo. Paul.

4. Goodbye stress!
Since the modality can only be practiced outdoors, take the time to enjoy the landscape, enjoy the wind on your face, enjoy the company… All of this helps when it comes to de-stressing.

5. Helps develop balance
To stay on top of the board you need at least a little balance. At first it may even be a difficult process, but then the body will get used to it.

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6. You have fun
Who said workouts have to be boring? Skateboarding is proof of that. Keeping your body always moving is a great way to burn calories without feeling it.
Celebrities who have already adopted!

Thaila Ayala

Fiorella Mattheis

Bruna Marquezine

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