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50 Aunt Owl phrases for those who love to pamper their nephews

I love my nephews as if they were children and for them I am a drooling and owl aunt!

Being an aunt is like having a lifetime contract of friendship with someone so special. My nephews are the richest gift I could ever have!

I am openly a doting aunt completely in love with my dear nephews!

I’m the most owl, happy and proud aunt in the world!

Being an aunt is loving like a mother, playing like a friend, letting messes like grandma and keeping confidences like a sister. It’s the best of all worlds in one person!

Being an aunt was not my decision, but becoming a doting aunt was the best choice I could have made.

I assume I’m a doting aunt, but with beautiful nephews like mine, how could it not be?

Being an aunt is being able to go back to childhood to play without ending time. It’s reliving adolescence just to hear you tell your stories. It’s always being by your side and admiring the amazing adult you’ve become!

The annoying part of being an aunt is not always being with you. As soon as I say goodbye, I start to miss you.

Being an aunt is a mixture of fun and responsibility and I love every second of this adventure!

I’m aunt owl YES! My nephews are the most wonderful in the world!

My nephews are the most important thing I have because auntie love is like that: bigger than the world.

Sharing crazy things, caring and loving is my role as an aunt owl.

Being an aunt is this delicious mix of love and happiness, of friendship with a little bit of concern. It’s having held you in my lap and now seeing you grow and win the world.

If being an owl aunt is caring and loving your nephews unconditionally, I’m an owl!

More important than the responsibility of being an aunt is the privilege of loving you as if you were my son.

The amount of love I have to give makes me the most doting aunt ever. I do everything for my nephews!

Being an aunt is wonderful, it’s beautiful! There is no denying that we feel a constant concern for our nephews, as they are like children. They are our life, our great love!

My niece is the most beautiful in the world and I can’t help but be a very doting aunt. I love this child!

Being an aunt is great, but being an aunt to such amazing nephews is even better!

My nephews are my life, they are like children to me! For them I would do anything and fight until the end to ensure their happiness. I love you, my dears!

I’m a drooling aunt and it’s because I love this responsibility so much that I dedicate myself from the heart!

No joy in my life is as intense and wonderful as being an aunt.

Dear nephews, you brighten all my days and give me strength to go on. Remember that you can count on me for everything you need. I love you so much!

Being an aunt is my true passion!

I’m an aunt and I’m happy because I have someone to love and take care of, for me this is the most valuable thing in life.

It’s no wonder that joy rhymes with aunt, because since I was given this privilege my life has been filled with love, adventure and happiness.

Seeing my nephews grow up before my eyes is my greatest joy of being an aunt.

My nephews are a gift from God. I feel blessed to be an aunt and even more so for the amazing nephews I have.

I hope that in each hug my nephews can understand all the love and affection I feel for them.

Being an aunt is loving your nephews above all else!

Being an owl aunt who closely follows the lives of her nephews is too good!

When we really love a nephew, our life takes on another dimension, where love is king and joy is eternal.

Being an aunt is getting emotional every day watching your nephews grow.

I’m an aunt and I’m happy for that. In my nephew’s eyes I find peace and every day I spend in his company I discover a new face of love.

I found true happiness when I became an aunt to such special nephews!

The best moments of an aunt’s life are spent with her nephews.

My nephews are the best thing in the world! You are my life and next to you I feel that everything is wonderful.

My nephews live in a very special place in my heart and are always surrounded by lots of love!

My greatest joy is being able to be part of my nephews’ lives.

Joy is being able to see the smile of my nephews every day!

I love my nephews more than anything and the smile on my face is because I know they exist!

I love my nephews and would do anything for them!

Know that I will always be here, following your trajectory of successes and feeling very proud to have a niece as important as you.

It took you to come into my life for me to realize that being an aunt is the best thing in the world!

Being an aunt is too good! It’s a joy, it’s feeling a great and unconditional love!

I root for my nephews’ success the same way I root for mine. It is the happiness of each of them that gives strength and reason to mine.

Being an aunt is always taking a little piece of my nephews with me.

It seems like yesterday I held you in my arms and discovered how good it is to be an aunt. Always count on me, nephew.

If it wasn’t for an aunt, I wouldn’t be so accomplished, so capable and happy.

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