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8 Best Scented Candles to Create a Relaxing Ambience

Aromatic candles are excellent for perfuming and decorating the environment. Available in different sizes, colors and scents, they gain more and more space in the decoration. Still have questions about how they work and how to use them? Keep reading to understand better!

What is a scented candle

An aromatic candle is a traditional candle made with essential oils. Widely used to decorate environments, its proposal is, in addition to decoration, to release aromas that are beneficial to health.

That’s because, as the candle burns, it will release a delicious smell. In addition, depending on the size of each candle, it can be used several times, always observing basic care to maintain the product’s useful life.

6 benefits of scented candles to know

Aromatic candles are beneficial to health, as well as making the environment much more cozy and fragrant. Shall we know their benefits now?

  1. They help with concentration;
  2. Contribute to mental health and well-being;
  3. They make the decoration more cozy;
  4. They help to relax;
  5. They drive away negative energies;
  6. They are great for romantic moments.

As you have seen, scented candles provide benefits for mental health and concentration, help with relaxation and are also great for those moments with your loved one.

What is a scented candle for?

There are several scented candles, with different scents, and each of them has a different purpose. Check below the functions of the most common candles:

  • Chamomile: Chamomile candle is great for those times when you need to be more relaxed and at peace with yourself. It is known for bringing a sense of calm and tranquility.
  • Rosemary: Rosemary is ideal for those who want to improve focus and concentration.
  • Cinnamon: the aromatic cinnamon candle is stimulating and great for improving self-esteem, in addition to being, of course, perfect for moments together, as it is an aphrodisiac.
  • Lavender: Lavender is known to have a therapeutic and relaxing effect, as well as being excellent for reducing worries, insomnia and everyday tensions.
  • Lemongrass: You know those days when you’re struggling with creativity? The lemongrass candle can help, as its aroma brings stimulation and vigor, enhancing creativity and intuition.
  • Bergamot: with citrus aroma, it improves mood, energizes the environment and brings more joy to the day.

See how each candle has a different function? The tip is to understand what your favorite scents are and what you need on a daily basis to then choose your candle.

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8 best scented candles to buy

Now that you know the function of scented candles and their benefits, how about discovering recommendations from the best brands on the market? Continue reading to see more details.

1. Natural Company Scented Candle – $

With an excellent quality paraffin, strong concentration of essence and high performance, the Natural Company candle becomes a great choice. It comes with an aluminum support and the burning time varies between five to six hours.

“I was very happy with these candles, as they intensely scent the room, really creating an atmosphere in the room, but I can’t forget to mention that they are very small and burn very quickly.” – The best choice

Buy here

2. Active Reader Aromatic Candle – $$

Created exclusively for readers, the active reader scented candle is special for moments that require maximum concentration. In addition to leaving a delicious fragrance in the environment, it also makes the decoration more beautiful and special. Its great advantage is that it is ecological, as it is made from soy wax and has a 100% cotton wick.

“This candle is indicated for concentration and focus. I used it at times when I really needed to stay focused and I really liked the smell. Very much so.” – Addictionbook

3. Homemade Candle Company Scented Candle- $$$$

This candle has 200 grams, which guarantees good durability. Another great benefit is that the candle is made with vegetable soy wax, that is, it does not contain animal products. Its packaging comes with a glass bottle with a lid, which brings practicality to burning.

“I found the durability to be excellent. I actually lit them every day for several hours and they didn’t shrink much in size. The price is very affordable compared to other brands.” – The best choice

Buy here

4. Granado scented candle – $$$$

With a delicious aroma, bringing a relaxing and cozy feeling, Granado candles are excellent value for money. They are vegan, have a beautiful and decorated bottle, their aroma is prolonged and they do not release black smoke during burning.

“I highly recommend Granado candles. The bottle that comes with it made all the difference for me. In addition to decorating, it prevents a mess from the candle melting, and the bottle adds a touch of elegance to the candle. The aromas themselves are excellent (…) and they last a long time, so they are great value for money.” – The best choice

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5. Scented Candle Sta. Earth – Madressenza – $$$$

With a citrus and delicate aroma, this candle brings a freshness to the environment, making it pleasant and spreading well-being. With floral notes, it provides a romantic touch to the place, with a warm and lasting scent. Its paraffin is made from soy and palm, promoting a cleaner burn and helping you relax. In addition, it has sophisticated packaging that can be reused for decoration.

“To sum it all up: if you are like me and love candles, as a decoration object and even to relax, it is super worth it (…). The candle has impeccable quality and still comes in this beautiful tin! I loved.” – Beauty Therapy Blog

Buy here

6. Amour Essence Scented Candle – $$$$$

Handcrafted, the Essência Amour candle by Greenswet is excellent to bring a charm to the decoration, as its bottle is made of glass and has a delicate design. Its fragrance brings a feeling of well-being and comfort.

“Overall, I was very pleased with the performance of the candle, the aroma is as refined as the candle packaging. This candle is able to fill the room with its perfume and its freshness.” – The best choice

Buy here

7. Yankee Candle Scented Candle – $$$$$

With a burn time of 35 to 45 hours, the Yankee Candle has a soft, floral fragrance, creating a warm atmosphere for family and friends. Its paraffin is premium grade and the wick is made of natural fiber. Its aroma brings peace, tranquility and joy.

“Overall, I really liked the sail itself. I found that it perfumes the environment very well, it has a powerful and delicate fragrance. It is possible to smell the candle while in another room, so, about its fragrance and potency, I have nothing to complain about.” – The best choice

8. Voluspa Mandarino Canela – $$$$$

The Mandarino Canela candle contains creamy coconut oil wax and a metallic container that brings a charm to the decoration. In addition, its wick contains the fragrance of Italian mandarin, vanilla cream, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger-stem. It has a higher price than other candles on the market, but this is justified by the quality and for being a candle used by international celebrities.

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“This candle is a spectacle, it is really different, it really has different potential. It is very wonderful (…), fragrant, all the best.” – Carol Bel

There are several candle options for you to become more familiar with this product. Each one has a different proposal, so, before choosing them, keep in mind which scents you like the most.

How to make homemade scented candles

Have you seen all the benefits that a scented candle provides and felt like trying it out, but want to save money and learn how to make your own candles? Then watch the videos below:

How to make aromatic candle with simple ingredients

In this video, you will learn how to make a delicious cinnamon candle using ingredients that everyone has at home. New or used candle, an old pan, a mold, cinnamon powder and a pot to put the candle in after it’s ready. See the instructions in the video and get to work!

How to make aromatic candle with natural wax

With soy and coconut wax, here, you make an aromatic candle that is all-natural. The advantage of using natural waxes is that they are more beneficial to health as the ingredients are non-toxic. As much as it takes a little more work to find natural wax, it’s worth checking out the instructions in this recipe.

How to make a colorful scented candle

With cheap and accessible ingredients, the purpose of this video is to teach you how to make a colorful and very fragrant candle. Some of the ingredients, in addition to the candle, are crayons and vanilla essence.

How to make candles at home and save

Here, Karol Pinheiro explains how she started to make her own candles and shows how economical it is for you to buy your own ingredients and prepare your candle. In addition to the savings advantage, you can also choose your own essences and mix them up! Check out the video for more details.

Aromatic candles add an extra charm to any environment, in addition to each aroma having a special advantage. Research, read about and choose a candle to call your own. Also discover all the benefits of aromatherapy!

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