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5 steps to feel an authentic full life

We live in a society where there are many barriers that are imposed on us to overcome in order to enjoy a truly full and happy life. full of gratitude to people, to our beloved environment and to existence itself. However, I love to share the fact that we are owners of our own destiny, and therefore, this situation does not mean that we cannot be happy.

Actually, We only need to carry out simple habits and daily gestures based on unconditional love, the one that is born directly from our heart.

Enjoying time with those we love, sacred moments of solitude with ourselves or growing from positive thinking is totally possible with the five steps to truly feel a full and happy life that I would like to share with you today.

“In the end, what matters is not the years of life, but the life of the years.”

-Abraham Lincoln-

Consuming material goods is not synonymous with happiness

To be ourselves and bring out our best personal version we must remember that happiness cannot be bought. For this reason, materialism is one of the most powerful conditions currently presented to us when it comes to understanding the concept of the more we have, the more successful we are. And we already know that this premise is not true.

Happiness is based on love and never on money. Happiness is sharing and helping those who truly need it, with sincerity. . It is vital to understand that to obtain it we have to focus on what we truly need, and not depend on what does not really serve us. Integrate into your life the fantastic concept of “less is more”.

Live and feel positively

Something that I love to carry out as a vital dogma and that I will confess to you has allowed me to feel the most beautiful side of life is to think that Everything, absolutely everything, enjoys immense positive learning. And believe me, I have not lived a simple existence without complicated barriers to overcome, in the face of the most skeptical…

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Letting ourselves flow with life and dancing to its rhythm is one of the main tasks that we as human beings have pending to feel our true essence. and our intuition, the weapon that helps us in that sacred mission.

Trusting the voice of our heart, that everything really happens to grow and be better people allows us to live an immensely full life, full of happiness and above all inner serenity.

Don’t complicate your existence unnecessarily

This step and advice has everything to do with learning to perceive the good side of experiences, since If you need a simple life, think positively and simply. Don’t waste time concentrating excessively on those negative emotions or thoughts that only represent a barrier in your daily life.

Always remember your path towards what you truly value: love for your loved ones and for yourself, your dreams and every second of your existence. You are the master of your destiny, you yourself can choose whether you want to have an unnecessarily complicated life or not.

Make your dreams come true

The best secret to make your dreams materialize and achieve your dreams is not to fight for them, but to “live and enjoy” them.. If you carry out this philosophy you are loving yourself, valuing your existence, and simply that difference has a pleasant reward: feeling serene to perceive the signs that bring you closer to your personal goals.

We forget that because we are exceptional and unique human beings, we have a sacred and eternal right: to be happy and have everything necessary to become better, carrying out what our heart desires to give our full potential to life and the world.

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Following this vital premise, If you truly want to achieve everything you know you deserve, you can achieve it by improving yourself, taking care of yourself and respecting yourself as a person.

There are healthy habits that allow you to make the path easier. One that I practice myself daily and gives me exceptional results is the one that I share with you in the following video, lVisualization of our desired state:

Trust yourself and don’t expect approval from others.

And finally, the best advice that encompasses all of the above and integrating it into your life allows you the best of it is to trust in yourself, in your potential and inner wisdom. Taking into account that each of us are unique and unrepeatable beings, The true approval that we should aim to seek is our own personal approval.

We will never be liked by everyone around us and even who loves us. Therefore, do not spend excessive time thinking that “They will say about you or whether they see this as good or bad”. Take advice if you need it but only as an addition to the true message that your heart sends you every day. Do what you really believe is right and makes you yourself.

“We are in such a hurry to do, write and let our voices be heard in the silence of eternity, that we forget the only thing that is really important: living.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson-

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