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42 gnocchi recipes for those who want to innovate on the menu

If there is one dish that is hard for anyone not to like, it’s gnocchi. The dough, usually made with potatoes, cassava or wheat flour, is versatile and very tasty. It goes well for both a Sunday lunch and a romantic little dinner. And it allows, of course, many sauce combinations.

How about making different types of gnocchi at home? Check out a selection of dozens of recipes below, from the most traditional to elaborate alternatives, with premium ingredients and a lot of sophistication. We are sure this post will make your mouth water.

Gnocchi with potato

1. Gnocchi in chicken sauce: do you have wheat flour, potatoes and eggs at home? Perfect, that’s enough to make the gnocchi in this delicious recipe. The accompanying chicken sauce is also made with affordable items such as chicken breast, onion, garlic, oil, tomato paste, ripe tomatoes, parsley and chives. All the taste of simplicity.

2. Gnocchi stuffed with catupiry: one thing is for sure – with catupiry everything is even more delicious. The tip for using it as a gnocchi filling is to make small drops of catupiry in advance and freeze it. On the day you make the gnocchi, just make balls around the frozen drops. A treat!

3. Gnocchi stuffed with cheese and oregano: imagine a very soft gnocchi, which when sliced ​​reveals a melted cheese inside… It makes your mouth water just thinking about it, right? This recipe here is very versatile and can accompany different sauces, from bolognese to putanesca. It’s up to your taste.

4. Mac n’ Cheese Gnocchi: If macaroni and cheese is already delicious, imagine when the pasta is actually a homemade potato gnocchi? One of those very creamy and irresistible recipes, perfect to accompany a wine at a very unpretentious dinner for two.

5. Frying pan gnocchi: unlike all the gnocchi you’ve ever seen, this one is made in the pan and can be eaten with your hands, as if it were a snack. The ingredient list calls for large potatoes, grated parmesan, wheat flour, ham, mozzarella cheese, salt and pepper. It’s pure love in the form of food.

6. Uncooked Potato Gnocchi: No, you didn’t read that wrong. This version of potato gnocchi doesn’t need to be cooked. In fact, the pasta reaches the perfect point when it is put in the oven along with the meat sauce. One of those recipes to have up your sleeve and make when you feel like it!

7. Roast gnocchi: practically a lasagna, the idea here is to alternate layers of gnocchi dough, ground beef sauce, ham and cheese. No need to make balls with the dough. After 30 minutes in the oven, it’s ready – it’s wonderful!

8. Gnocchi in white sauce: you don’t necessarily need to prepare gnocchi at home even to have an excellent meal. Several brands already sell frozen dough, sometimes even with fillings. Having gnocchi at home, just prepare this delicious white sauce with butter, wheat flour, milk, Parmesan cheese and nutmeg. A treat!

9. Fried gnocchi: can you imagine serving gnocchi at happy hour? If it’s a version like this recipe, in which the delicacy is fried and stuffed with cheese, it’s excellent! For breading, use eggs and panko flour. Combine with a good beer and enjoy!

10. Oven gnocchi: a mix of escondidinho, lasagna and gnocchi. It can’t be bad! The proposal here is to make a traditional gnocchi dough, with potatoes, egg, butter and wheat flour and intersperse with a filling of ground meat and seasonings of your choice.

11. Gnocchi with funghi sauce: looking for a recipe to impress your loved ones? He thought! The funghi and cream sauce is out of the ordinary and provides an explosion of flavors. The cream ensures that the sauce has a velvety texture and a shiny touch. Decorate the finished dish with basil and get ready to receive the compliments.

Gnocchi with other potatoes

12. Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Pumpkin: With a fantastic color and sweet taste, this gnocchi is made with sweet potato and Japanese pumpkin. But the highlight is the pot meat sauce, which cooks for several hours and melts in your mouth. A delight for the eyes and the palate.

13. Sweet potato gnocchi with spinach: healthy eating and flavor can – and should! – walk together. And this gnocchi made with sweet potatoes and spinach is a real proof of that. The sauce to finish the dish can be the one you like the most, such as red sauce or vegetable sauce.

14. Baroa potato gnocchi with pepperoni sauce: although many recipes bring the right measurements of ingredients, often the secret of the perfect gnocchi is in the eye. The tip is to always add flour little by little. The less you need it, the better. The baroa potato gnocchi is delicate and passionate.

15. Sweet potato gnocchi with saffron: don’t be fooled by the sophisticated flavor – this gnocchi here is one of the simplest to make. Saffron, in addition to bringing its characteristic flavor, leaves the preparation with a beautiful color. Try serving it with chicken sauce. It will be one of your favorite foods.

16. Sweet potato gnocchi with bolognese sauce: light and delicious, sweet potato gnocchi can be served with a series of complements, it all depends on what you like and, of course, the ingredients available. Try serving it with a well-seasoned bolognese sauce. Hard to go wrong.

17. Asterix Potato Gnocchi: widely used to make rustic potatoes, asterix works in the gnocchi recipe because it is drier, helping the balls not fall apart easily or stick to the roof of the mouth. Cook the potatoes in the microwave to speed up the process.

18. Buffalo Mozzarella Stuffed Sweet Potato Gnocchi: Ready to take your sweet potato gnocchi to the next level? It’s time to stuff it! To look very different, bet on buffalo mozzarella! If you want to enjoy what you have at home, use turkey breast or ham. Replace all-purpose flour with brown rice flour for a more functional dish.

19. Asterix potato gnocchi stuffed with pepperoni and basil: when you cut this gnocchi in half, you discover that it has a tasty piece of sausage as a filling. A tomato sauce with a touch of nutmeg rounds it off with a golden key. The best of it all? You can prepare everything at home!

20. Asterix potato gnocchi with mascarpone and parma ham: one of those recipes that are already chic just by name… Creamy mascarpone cheese harmonizes with the crunchiness of Parma ham, providing wonderful sensations. The sauce still calls for cooking cream and butter.

special gnocchi

21. Potato gnocchi with tahini sauce and mushrooms: when Italian cuisine meets the Arab style, only delicious things can come out. And even the usual gnocchi ends up taking on a whole new face. Try serving your pasta with a sauce of yogurt, mushrooms, tahini and allspice. A show!

22. Cassava gnocchi with cream cheese and mushrooms: who knew that a simple gnocchi could turn into such an exquisite dish? The difference, in this case, is the cream cheese, made with shitake, garlic, white wine, fresh cream and Grana Padano cheese. An elegant delight.

23. Cassava gnocchi with spinach: did you know that you can make a very different gnocchi using only 3 ingredients and without much fuss in the kitchen? You will need manioc, egg and an envelope of creamed spinach. Life is better when you have less dishes to wash.

24. Gnocchi stuffed with cream cheese: to give a special touch to your Sunday lunch, try stuffing your gnocchi with a mixture of cream cheese and parmesan cheese. It is nothing short of sensational. Just take an amount of dough, make a ball, flatten, put the stuffing and close gently.

25. Cassava gnocchi with sausage ragu: from those recipes with grandma’s home style, the gnocchi made with boiled cassava is much more special with a neat sauce. For the ragout you will need pork sausage, onion, garlic, salt, oregano, basil and fennel.

26. Cassava gnocchi with wild boar ragu: a fancy restaurant dish at your table. Like the idea? So be sure to check out the step-by-step guide for this gnocchi, which features a gourmet ragout made with wild boar shank, red wine and peeled tomatoes.

27. Grilled sweet potato gnocchi: if after cooking the gnocchi you still put them in a skillet with butter and sage leaves, you won’t regret it. Unlike the classic version, this gnocchi has a toasted cone that is wonderful.

Gnocchi with other ingredients

28. Banana gnocchi with tomato sauce: anyone who thinks that a good gnocchi can only be made with potatoes is wrong. When bananas come into play, the result is sophisticated and surprising. Combine well-ripe plantains, egg yolk, butter, grated Parmesan cheese, all-purpose flour, salt, pepper, and lemon zest. International chef thing!

29. Ricotta gnocchi with butter and sage sauce: this gnocchi is so beautiful it’s almost painful to eat. But it’s so delicious that no one can resist. Ricotta brings a unique flavor and leaves the final result smooth, while salt and nutmeg finish off the grilled gnocchi masterfully.

30. Beetroot gnocchi with broccoli pesto: the kids will love this pink gnocchi. And you too! Made with beets, garlic, olive oil, wheat flour and salt, it’s an incredibly simple and nutritious recipe. Serve on a pretty platter with white sauce or pesto.

31. Mayonnaise gnocchi: you probably haven’t tried mayonnaise gnocchi yet. Well, it should! The dough only needs milk, wheat flour, mayonnaise, chopped parsley and chicken broth, while the sauce you can make up with whatever you have available.

32. Banana Gnocchi with Beef Jerky: Put the potatoes aside for a moment and give the banana gnocchi a chance. A winning dish in cooking competitions, it brings all the Brazilianness we love through ingredients such as jerky, bottled butter and tucupi.

33. Breadfruit Gnocchi: Have you ever eaten breadfruit? It consists of Artocarpus altilis, very similar to jackfruit and also known as jackfruit. Breadfruit is more popular in the northeast and takes center stage in this gnocchi recipe, accompanied by a sausage and tomato sauce.

34. Ricotta, Escarole and Parmesan Gnocchi: In case you’ve already said that ricotta is a bland thing, this recipe here will completely change your thinking. Joker, the ingredient makes all the difference in this gnocchi that also takes a cup of braised escarole, cream cheese and grated parmesan cheese.

35. Pinhão gnocchi: pinhão is an ingredient widely used in the cuisine of southern Brazil. If you don’t know how to put it in your recipes, see the step by step of this gnocchi. It’s a bit of a pain to make, but it’s definitely worth every minute spent between pans.

Gnocchi in restrictive versions

36. Whole and vegan potato gnocchi: without eggs and without white flour you can also make gnocchi. And the good ones! To bind the dough, the recipe uses small potatoes, wheat flour…

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