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40 geometric tattoos that will conquer you

The decision to get a tattoo also goes through other choices, among them, the style that the tattooed design will have. Currently, there are several techniques and it is common, after choosing the figure that will be represented, to have doubts about which one to use, whether the drawing will be colored or just black, etc.

Some of the best known techniques available are watercolor, pointillism, old school, new school, realism, shades of gray and in this article, you will learn more about the geometric style, which can also be combined with any of the other methods mentioned above.

We can define geometric tattoos as “all those whose structure is simple basic shapes or composed using the square, circle, rectangle, triangle, for example”, explains tattoo artist @Max_Tattoo. But it doesn’t stop there, many drawings (or parts of them) can also be represented with the technique: “they can be adapted for more complex drawings such as the flower of life or also a metatron cube”, he comments.

Basically, any design can have a geometric version. “Today, geometric art is applied to almost all types of designs, such as animals, mandalas or just the basic design like the triangle,” says the tattoo artist.

Get inspired: 40 amazing geometric tattoos

There are many possibilities of geometric tattoos available, as most designs can suit the technique. As for the place to tattoo with the technique, although there are no restrictions, some are more recommended. “The most sought after places for this type of tattoo are on the forearm, on the trapeze region and on the calves”, comments Max. “These are regions where the symmetry and design of the lines become more elegant”, completes the tattoo artist.

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Below you can check out 40 beautiful geometric tattoos for inspiration and ideas for your own:

10 tattooists experts in this technique

Below we list 10 tattoo artists that rock the geometric technique for you to follow on Instagram and get inspired:

  1. @malwina8
  2. @wagnerbasei
  3. @iamcharlottelee
  4. @ibrahimtattoo
  5. @bosch_bradley
  6. @kim_kress-tattoo
  7. @jairotattoostudio
  8. @eduardorodrigo
  9. @diegojollyoh

We can define geometric tattoos as sophisticated and symbolic, as they can convey countless messages in a single design. From the simplest ones composed of a single stroke, to the most complex ones that mix several designs, geometric tattoos will always be noticed for their beauty and complexity.

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