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30 photos of pink gradient nails that create a wonderful effect

You will be enchanted by these pink gradient nails pictures. It is possible to vary several shades of this color and create an amazing art. Already save as inspiration or get the materials and do it right now. It will be difficult to choose just one option!

30 photos of pink gradient nails to inspire your nail art

In addition to changing the shades of pink, you can combine it with other colors. Light colors for a more delicate look or dark colors for impact. You can also dare in the shape of the nail: square, round, long or short. Whichever choice you choose, you’re going to rock. Check out beautiful models and find your favorite:

1. The pink gradient can have a softer proposal

2. With light tones

3. And a delicate effect

4. Perfect for those who don’t want to dare too much, but want to go the extra mile

5. You can even innovate and make an only daughter with a cute design

6. You can just leave the ends with a stronger color

7. Or mix light colors for a more discreet look

8. And for matte texture fans, this inspiration is too much

9. For a stronger impact, combine pink with white.

10. And why not seal this union very brightly?

11. In addition to brightness, you can also unleash creativity in drawings

12. Or dare with geometric shapes

13. If you want practicality, you can paste a ready-made gradient sticker

14. Gradient just a few nails

15. Or play and do them all

16. Finish with a layer of clear glitter for a perfect finish

17. Shall we talk about the combination of pink and blue?

18. You can overdo the design

19. Or just merge the two colors. It’s going to be beautiful!

20. Do you want to be more delicate? Look at this beautiful proposal

21. Looks amazing on square nails

22. And also in other formats

23. Another color that has everything to do with pink is purple

24. Use more open tones for a super fun effect

25. Or darker shades for a more sophisticated and mysterious nail

26. On large nails, this combination is even more evident

27. If you’re a fan of dark tones, combine pink with black. It’s too much!

28. If the colors are too strong, just do it on a few nails

29. Whether with soft or neon tones

30. This effect is worth testing!

With so many wonderful options, you can try several combinations without getting tired. In addition to nail polish, you can still get creative with beautiful accessories – such as pebbles, stickers, rhinestones and much more!

How to do pink gradient nails

If you do your own nails, these tutorials will help you succeed in this mission. You can vary the materials and techniques, but the effect will be very beautiful. Choose the one that best fits your style!

Pink gradient nails with dish sponge

I bet you have this item in your house. Now, just get the dish sponge and choose your favorite nail polishes. The gradient effect is easily created: just paint the sponge in lines and then apply it gently on the nail. With a few taps, the tones blend and look beautiful.

Pink gradient nails with makeup sponge

If you don’t have a lot of practice, the makeup sponge will help you a lot. It has the most closed holes, making the enamel set better and easier to apply. The gradient starts in white, goes to pink and is finished with a beautiful layer of glitter.

baby boomer pink gradient nails

The baby boomer nail is very successful. Her technique consists of a very smooth gradient, in which the pink and white tones are very light. Perfect for you who don’t want to dare and prefer to be discreet. The video also has a cuticle sticker, which will help you a lot in finishing your nails.

Blue and pink gradient nails

With this tutorial, the dilemma of choosing blue or pink is over. Both can be chosen to create a beautiful and extremely cute gradient. With the dish sponge, you will be able to mix the tones and also remove the air bubbles to leave the finish very smooth. Result worthy of a professional!

It was more fun to get out of the routine and innovate in nail art, isn’t it? And, if you were enchanted by this technique, check out more amazing combinations in this selection of gradient nails!

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