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35 Halloween Phrases for a Scary Halloween

Happy Halloween! May the spell turn against the sorcerer on this date.

Trick or treating?

Enjoy the date and release the witch, get rid of the ghosts and have fun!

Today the world of the dead mixes with that of the living! Happy Halloween.

Once a witch, always a witch.

Remember that in the fairy tale there is also a witch.

I heard that tonight is going to be a terrifying one!

Happy Halloween! Evil is a point of view.

On this Halloween, let’s wake up with feelings open to the beauty of our mother Earth and thank you for being your guests, so privileged.

Halloween exists to remind us of the supernatural and its mysteries.

Have a scary night! Today the ghosts have fun.

Happy Halloween to those who are truly one.

May that night be magic in the pumpkins that glow in the moonlight. Happy Halloween!

When I was a child, I wanted to be a princess. Today I realized that being a witch is much more fun!

Not every charm is a spell (but when in doubt, protect yourself!)

Hell is empty because the demons are all around… Happy Halloween!

On Halloween, I expect great events for everyone. May the witches unite their powerful thoughts, aimed at peace, prosperity, plenty, fertility, respect for the earth and the elements that guarantee the life of all beings.

May today, all good thoughts come true, as if they were moved by magic wands.

Today is Halloween, shall we go out? Trick or treat! Put on your best costume as the night will be magical.

Today the cemeteries will be scarier than ever, the sky will have gusts of rain and lightning, and if you don’t come to my party, the witches will take you!

What you want? pranks? Candy? Or sweet treats?

It’s Halloween night! Today the wild spirits dance to the sound of old times…

Where are the wizards and witches to create potions that bring eternal happiness?

Be careful not to pass in front of the cemeteries, because everyone will be haunted today and don’t forget to bring the sweets or you will have a lot of mischief. Happy Halloween!

There are nights when wolves are silent and only the moon howls. Happy Halloween!

Witches ride their brooms, ghosts roam the streets and the moon laughs and whispers: it’s Halloween!

Bat wings, mouse fur, may your Halloween be a good one indeed!

From the scratching of my thumbs, something sinister comes this way. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Know that we all have a witch or wizard inside us…

Halloween is a party, no matter your age! Today is the day to rock the skeleton.

Prepare your costume and train your scream, tonight will be like a horror movie!

For some of us, every day is Halloween…

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself… and spiders. Happy Halloween!

May all your nightmares come true!

You are cordially invited to a celebration in our haunted mansion.

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