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31 Actors of Your Favorite Childhood Comedies, Then and Now

You love intellectual humor and twisted stories, but sometimes all you want is to erase your memory and rewatch one of these teen comedies.

The wording of awesome.club felt nostalgic, and we thought it was interesting to check out how the actors we remember from when we were young and carefree are doing today.

1. Eurotrip — Passport to Confusion, 2004

Scott “Scotty” Thomas — Scott Mechlowicz

The film “Eurotrip — Passport to Confusion” is still the most successful in the young actor’s career. Mechlowicz’s last role was in 2015’s horror production “Demonic”, which was not well received by viewers or critics.

Cooper Harris — Jacob Pitts

Jacob, who in this comedy played one of the main roles, unlike his previous colleague, did very well after the film. In 2008, Pitts received a prestigious award for the film “Breaking the Bank”, and is now known for his roles in the series “Limitless”, “Elementary” and “BrainDead”.

Jenny — Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle participated in the cult series “Gossip Girl” and continues to delight audiences with new roles in both feature and short films.

2. Neighbor Show, 2004

Danielle — Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha easily landed the role of this young seductress, but it seems that her career is not at its best right now. After “The Neighbor Show” and “Ironies of Love”, you can’t name any famous movies in which she was in.

Matthew Kidman — Emile Hirsch

Meanwhile, Emile Hirsch has become a well-known actor acting in comedies and dramas. He is able to convey the depth of any character.

Kelly — Timothy Olyphant

The last successful work of this actor was the voice of one of the characters in the cartoon “Rango”, which cannot exactly be called the top of fame. Timothy Olyphant, 49, is still acting in movies, but he’s not the brightest of actors.

3. Ace Ventura, A Different Detective, 1993

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Ace Ventura — Jim Carrey

Jim’s life was divided into a before and an after his ex-girlfriend committed suicide by separating from the actor. Now the comedian films less and is more committed to the art.

Melissa Robinson — Courteney Cox

Time has no effect on Courteney. The 53-year-old actress looks just as impressive as she did 25 years ago. Now she not only acts in films and series, but she is also a producer, director and screenwriter.

Lois Einhorn — Sean Young

The American actress, who played the main villain in this film, continues to act. However, these films cannot be called blockbusters. Her last well-rated work was the Russian series “Yesenin” in 2005, where she played Isadora Duncan.

4. Platoon in Trouble, 1995

Cadet Kevin “Tiger” Dunn — Orlando Brown

The 29-year-old actor starred in 58 movies, but the real success came with the movies he starred in as a kid. However, he played big roles in American television.

Emily Walburn — Karyn Parsons

Karyn Parsons has left her acting career. His last film was shot 15 years ago.

Alex J. Stone — Steven Martini

The role of the charismatic leader was easy for Steven Martini, but at the height of popularity the actor decided to abandon his career and became a screenwriter.

Major Benson Winifred Payne — Damon Wayans

Damon belongs to a dynasty of actors. Now he is more involved in series, the most recent being “Lethal Weapon” from 2016.

5. Poison Girl, 2002

Jessica Spencer — Rachel McAdams

This early 2000s comedy can’t be called a cult, but it was definitely engraved on the spectators. So, young McAdams could not imagine that she would rise to the top of Hollywood’s Olympus, becoming one of the highest paid actresses.

April — Anna Faris

Clive — Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider is a comedian, and comedies in Hollywood are rarely high-budget. Along with his friend Adam Sandler, Rob appears constantly on screen, but people don’t like his movies very much.

6. Everyone in Panic, 2000

Shorty — Marlon Wayans

The most famous films of this actor are “Requiem for a Dream”, “Senseless” and “Noise Neighborhood”, all filmed almost 20 years ago. Now, the 45-year-old actor records character voices, but the height of his career is behind him.

Buffy Gilmore — Shannon Elizabeth

The actress’ last successful movie was 2012’s American Pie. She is best known as a professional poker player.

Brenda Meeks — Regina Hall

In addition to the film series “Screaming Out”, Regina starred in several romantic comedies and participated in “Days of Rage”.

7. The owner of the Party, 2001

Van Wilder — Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, 40, is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, who continues to delight his fans with brilliant roles and his sense of humor in the film. twitter.

Richard Bagg — Daniel Cosgrove

The American actor specialized more in series and was even nominated for an Emmy in the category “Outstanding Male Role in a Drama Series”.

Gwen Pearson — Tara Reid

Tara Reid acted a lot in youth comedies, but she couldn’t leave her characters behind and land roles in more serious films.

8. American Pie — The First Time Is Unforgettable, 1999

Jim — Jason Biggs

Stifler — Seann William Scott

Sean William Scott voiced one of the characters in “Ice Age” while still acting in the movies.

Kevin — Thomas Ian Nicholas

In addition to his role in this movie cultThomas is known as a good actor thanks to his participation in “Grey’s Anatomy” and other successful series.

Oz — Chris Klein

In addition to teen comedies, Chris Klein has appeared in a series and even had a serious role in a film with Mel Gibson in 2002.

Finch — Eddie Kaye Thomas

The role of Paul Finch made Eddie famous, but that overwhelming success is over. The actor, like his “American Pie” colleagues, participates in films and series, but does not play roles that can be called important.

Michelle — Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan was not held hostage to a single role, the comedy actress acted in several series cult such as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “How I Met Your Mother.” Furthermore, she continues to participate in movies and other series.

Heather — Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari looks amazing at 38, but she can’t boast of any great recent successes. The last brilliant film with her participation was 5 years ago, the sequel to “American Pie”.

Jim’s Father — Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy is not only an actor, screenwriter and director, but also a producer and even an operator. The 70-year-old star is still working, and his last brilliant job was voicing a character in “Finding Dory.”

Stifler’s Mother — Jennifer Coolidge

The American actress and comedian plays femme fatale, and it’s easy for her to win the public’s love. beyond this comedy cultJen acted in the television series “2 Broke Girls”, in which she participated as a guest star in the first season – in the second, she was already part of the fixed cast.

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