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30 looks to bet on the cow print trend and rock

You may have already heard about the new fashion trend, within animal prints, the cow print came in with everything for style! Even Beyonce noticed and included it in her clothing brand. Also known as “cow print”, the cow print is present in clothes, accessories, shoes. There are several color options to please all tastes, how about checking out 30 looks with this print? Check out how to use and combine the novelty in your looks!

1. You can transform your style with cow print

2. Start with smaller pieces

3. Matching with other smooth pieces

4. And even use as an overlay

5. The cow print can appear in more than one piece of your look

6. The oversized t-shirt in this print too

7. See how beautiful cow print pants look

8. And the skirt that exudes power and charm

9. The cow print can have other shades

10. A cow print piece can be the highlight of your look

11. Can be balanced with other basic parts

12. But it can also be the star of your look

13. Change combinations and win a wild piece

14. Matches very well with other white and black pieces

15. Your look is more laid-back

16. The cow print with a denim set is a charm

17. And a dress then, a knockout

18. It’s a print that can accompany you on several occasions

19. You can enjoy country inspiration by combining a hat with a casual look

20. Can also contrast with other fabric colors and textures

21. Pieces with this print do not go unnoticed

22. Suggest a more youthful and funky style

23. They stand out in more chic looks

24. The cow print set is very stylish

25. Or in prominent accessories

26. You can try different combinations with the cow print

27. Try this animal print

28. Transform your look with a beautiful print

29. Which represents style and fashion

30. Just like you!

Take advantage of these outfit inspirations to transform yours, find the cow print that best suits you and rock it! To continue in the world of trends, check out the animal print skirt that is also super trendy!

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