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28 Stranger Things phrases to visit the Upside Down

Friends don’t lie.

Who is like us, who doesn’t fight back, others take advantage. They press to their limit. I don’t know why they do this. Maybe they feel powerful!

I really like you. Not just you, everything that accompanies you.

Nothing will go back to the way it was. Not really, but it will get better with time.

It’s important that no matter how they react, you stay calm. You can’t lose your mind.

He’s just a grumpy old man who hates joy.

Grief manifests itself in strange ways.

But so what? Want to be normal? Want to be like everyone else?

We would never have pissed you off if we knew you had superpowers.

You act like you’re all alone in the world, but you’re not! You are not alone.

I think I’d rather watch people than talk to them.

I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s going on.

The important thing is that you try to get on with your lives.

Promise? It means something you can’t break. Never.

Stop treating me like that, like there’s something wrong with me!

Sometimes people don’t say what they’re thinking.

If we’re both going crazy, we’re going to be crazy together, right?

People don’t like me or respect me as a human being who breathes and has a brain.

A friend is someone you would do anything for. And they never break a promise.

She is our friend and she is crazy!

He wants to force you to like normal things! You shouldn’t like things because people say you do.

I will never let anything bad happen to you again. Whatever it is, we’ll figure it out!

Life is more than just stupid boys.

Only love makes someone so crazy, honey. And so dumb!

You may have thought it was helping, but it didn’t. You hurt me!

They act like I’m going to break, like I’m a baby and I don’t know how to do anything myself. Does’nt help! It just makes me feel like a freak.

You say we can never stop being curious, to always open whatever door of curiosity we can find.

I think you need to lower your expectations!

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