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40 cool short phrases to share with loved ones

After the rain, the sun always comes.

Love is my guide and my religion.

Mariana Gil

I want to be happy, even when the storm breaks.

Mariana Gil

I always carry in my heart much love, hope and faith!

Mariana Gil

May a beautiful morning blossom in your life.

Mariana Gil

I want to turn every pain into a flower.

Mariana Gil

Leave a little love everywhere and people!

Mariana Gil

At the dawn of another day, hides the promise of a new beginning.

Mariana Gil

If the sun did not rise in the sky, may it shine in your heart!

Mariana Gil

There is beauty in every little detail of life.

Mariana Gil

Nothing is impossible for those who believe in themselves.

Forget what happened and live in the now!

Never forget your values ​​and dreams. They are your greatest wealth.

Mariana Gil

Don’t be better than others. Be better for others.

Don’t leave for tomorrow the kisses you can give today.

God is love and nothing else.

Mariana Gil

Nobody loves you better than you!

It’s true: everything passes.

Be happy. Don’t settle for less than that!

Love is the perfect harmony between two hearts in love.

You are what you spread, not what you gather.

The best freedom is when you get rid of what hurts you.

Embrace your truth and fight for what you believe in!

Mariana Gil

Happiness is in being, dreaming and loving.

Mariana Gil

A smile is a hug that is given from afar.

A heart at peace and full of love is capable of changing the world!

Mariana Gil

It is in weakness that God makes himself perfect in you.

Kemilly Santos

Those who have peace in the soul know how to see happiness in the small details.

Mariana Gil

When in doubt, put a little more love!

Luck is a state of mind.

Be light and light.

Life does not stop!


The secret is to have faith in God.

If there is life, let’s celebrate!

Vanessa da Mata

Let me be all that I can be.

Happiness is a good that multiplies when divided.

The best thing is to move forward and not look back.

Gabriel Elias

Beautiful is the soul that collects scars, but prefers to spread love!

Life always goes on!

Nothing can get in the way of my constant evolution.

Mariana Gil

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