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20+ Photos that prove that the work environment can be a lot of fun

For many, work remains just an obligation. However, there are lucky people for whom work is not a nightmare, but a real pleasure. The protagonists of the following photos belong to this class of lucky ones.

O incredible.club features 20+ images that show that even on the hardest days, there is always something capable of making you smile.

The soldiers on the aircraft carrier decided to take a break.

“This lovely flight attendant is retiring and today is her last flight”

“K-Kay is retiring. Today is her last flight. September 1968 — February 2016, 47 years”.

The conference call was very productive

“My colleague brought her baby goat to work. He fell asleep in my arms.”

“Not sure, but it looks like this huge throne of keyboards was made by Ben and his fellow accountants”

“This is how my desk looked after April Fools’ Day”

“Looks like we have a new co-worker”

There are never too many boxes in the office

“I offered some hamburgers to the workers outside my office. It looks like they really liked it”

Admit it, you always wanted to do the same

entertainment at work

Boxes have never been so much fun

“My co-workers called him: The Phantom”

When nothing distracts you from the fun at work

“A fellow came to the meeting with her nugget sauce collection”

“Collect all the sauces, snap your fingers and make half of the chicken nuggets disappear.”

When a dog is not only a person’s best friend, but also the main assistant at work

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A colleague’s birthday is the best time to show all your creativity

When the boss is not in the office

“My boss, with his own money, bought a video game console Xbox one for your employees and a copy of the game Mortal Kombat XLto strengthen the corporate spirit”

If a colleague eats your sandwich, justice can only be served with a duel.

When your colleagues are adorable

“This is the best way to have a good day at work”

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