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20 inverted eyeliner options that will enhance your look

A true trend on social media, the inverted outline brings a special charm to make up! Also called reverse cat eyeliner, or from English reverse cat eyeliner, it is made on the lower eyelid of the eyes and can contain a more smoky, marked or even colored line. Plus, it’s great to get away from the classic version and make your makeup look more modern! Check out amazing ideas and tutorials below to bet on this trend.

20 perfect inverted eyeliner photos to ensure a modern look

The coolest thing about makeup is the freedom to be creative to combine different colors and types of product finishes. With the inverted outline it couldn’t be different! It may look simple, but with a few special touches you can turn it into something super-produced. See some ideas below and choose your favorite version:

1. The inverted eyeliner is perfect for highlighting the look

2. Make everyday makeup more charming

3. And of course, complete a party look with elegance

4. There are simpler versions

5. Ideas for those who love something discreet

6. For this, invest in the inverted smoky eyeliner

7. Do something very light, just to give it a special charm

8. Or take the opportunity to make the line more marked

9. Black is the most common version

10. But a little color brings more joy to the look

11. Match trends and throw yourself into red eyeliner

12. Create a unique composition with the pink inverted eyeliner

13. Bet on glitter to brighten your eyes

14. Do you feel like daring? Make an inverted colored superlined eyeliner

15. From a more artistic makeup

16. Even the simplest and most natural

17. This eyeliner suits all types of eyes

18. Exudes a lot of modernity and attitude

19. In addition to enhancing your beauty even more

20. Play with this trend and rock it!

It’s one option more beautiful than the other, isn’t it? In neutral or very flashy colors, your makeup will definitely look beautiful!

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How to make inverted outline

Although it doesn’t look like it, this type of eyeliner is super simple to do! Even those who are new to the world of makeup will be able to reproduce a stunning look at home. Check out the tutorials below and learn the little secrets to achieve an impactful look:

Simple inverted outline

In this video you learn how to make a simple reverse kitten. In it, youtuber Ana Gabriela tells several tricks to make the line very straight and with a professional finish. Check out!

3 easy inverted eyeliner versions

Can’t decide what your favorite eyeliner style is? Then this tutorial is for you! Here, Joyce Kitamura teaches you how to make three basic and charming looks to change whenever you want. Be sure to check out the video, as it is full of tips that will enhance your look!

Striking make-up with reverse cat eyeliner

Anyone who loves a well-crafted look needs to watch this step by step! In addition to teaching how to prepare the skin, makeup artist Tainara Reis shows how to create a very dramatic and smoky eye with this type of eyeliner. And to complete the look, she took the opportunity to play in dark lipstick!

Elegant makeup with brown inverted eyeliner

In this video, you learn a wildcard and very elegant makeup perfect for any occasion. In it, makeup artist Luciane Ferraz bets on shades of brown to highlight the eyes without regret. Press play to check out the step by step.

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Pink inverted eyeliner with eyeshadow

The colorful eyeshadows complement your look with joy! Watch the tutorial to learn how to make the eyeliner with pink eyeshadow. The result is very discreet, but the tone gives a very special charm!

Now it’s time to separate your products and train hard to make a beautiful outlined! If you want more modern makeup options, check out how to use blue eyeliner.

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