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20 Home Objects That Reveal All the Tacky (and Wonderful) Soul of the Brazilian People

A fruit bowl with artificial apples and bananas, a fridge penguin, an adorably tacky knickknack that was her grandmother’s inheritance, a bathroom mat that matches the toilet seat cover, a blender cover, a stopper cover… and even Snow White with the 7 Dwarfs in the garden!

Who doesn’t have at least one (or several!) of these decor items at home? tacky? Yes a little. In some cases, a lot. But they are objects that reveal a lot of our soul and how we like to make our home a special and cozy place.

O awesome.club gathered several of these utilitarian or decorative objects. Some are current. Others, mothers, grandmothers and aunts, brightened their homes and the following generations with them. See how many of these little wonders you have in your home!

20. Crochet plug cover

19. Hand-painted dish towels with bar… in crochet!

18. Baggage with the most varied reasons…

17. … and in crochet too!

16. Set of bathroom rugs matching the toilet cover and roll holder (all in crochet!)

15. Finally, crochet cover for all the utensils that can be covered in the kitchen and in the rest of the house

14. Rooster that changes color according to temperature, brought from Portugal by a relative

13. Plastic pineapple jar

12. Artificial fruits

11. This crockery set (which doesn’t break even by decree!)

10. Set of decorated and agate pans

9. Requeijão cups with Disney characters

8. Lampshade made with that bottle that we thought was beautiful and felt sorry to throw away

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7. Garden Dwarfs (if the set comes with Snow White, even better!)

6. Garden board with cute design and sayings

5. “I Love You” Cushion (gift from an ex-crush)

4. Grandma’s Time Bibelo (today it’s a collector’s piece!)

3. Tourist souvenir

2. 1900 beer party mug and ball

1. The crockery penguins used to be just on top of the fridge and were considered tacky in the 1960s and 1970s. Today, they have gained antiquity status and frequent the decoration of other environments in modern and funky homes.

Which of these objects do you have at home and do you like the most? Or would you like to? Did we miss an item that you consider essential for our list? Share your ideas about Brazilian home decor in the comments!

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