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20 genius ideas for organizing your accessories and makeup

Many women share the same passion, that for the world of makeup and accessories. They collect different colors of lipstick, concealers, brushes of various shapes, eyeshadow palettes and much more.

The same goes for earrings, rings and bracelets. Even if they don’t need new products, they end up buying new ones.

We know how it is.

The question that remains is: how to organize all these makeup and accessories at home? After all, they need to be stored properly, avoiding forgetfulness, direct contact with the sun or, nightmare of nightmares, the possibility of falling – anyone who has ever had a broken foundation or blush pot knows how it hurts in the heart.

With that in mind, we’ve selected 20 creative, affordable, and easy-to-copy organization ideas. It will give – even more – I like to look at your product collection. Check it out below!

1. Use a shoebox lid to secure your pairs of earrings

2. You know those boxes where fishermen keep their gear? They are cheap and great for storing earrings and rings!

3. A roll of toilet paper and some paint. Your hair clip holder is ready!

4. Reusing is all good! The jellybean box is perfect for storing hairpins.

5. With a simple branch and a few nails you can create a beautiful holder for your favorite necklaces

6. A corkboard can be used to place the maxi necklaces. Bet on the colorful ones to give a beautiful decorative effect!

7. You can put all your scrunchies (modern name for hair clips!) on one belt hanger.

8. A carabiner is the perfect solution for you to never lose your fasteners again!

9. Easy project: with a cross stitch screen and a picture frame you can make a beautiful earring holder!

10. And with a clay pot and pieces of wire you can make a new ring support

11. Don’t know how to store your brushes? Skewer them in coffee beans! It’s practical and leaves a great smell in the environment.

12. Another way to store brushes is in mugs. Choose the one that best matches your decor!

13. Metal buckets with tags help keep everything within reach

14. Use kitchen objects! A dish drying rack can be great for storing eyeshadow palettes and lip gloss jars.

15. A cookie jar can be used to organize your nail polish

16. Still in the kitchen, take the opportunity to get the egg carton! With a little paint it turns into a beautiful Beauty Blender holder!

17. Using the product boxes themselves, you can create a super practical organizer

18. And with empty candle cups you make this holder that looks like a work of art!

19. Not much space? Hang your belongings on the wall! It is even more beautiful if it is in copper cups, like these

Do you already use any of these tricks at home? Tell us in the comments! 🙂

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