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18 Totally Weird Items Found at Garage Sales

Flea markets are great for finding rare items and amazing trinkets, but most of all, you can count on them when you’re looking for something really unnecessary.

we do awesome.club we are not afraid of the strange discoveries, but, to be honest, some of these objects left us a little curious and even scared. What do you think of them?

creative mannequins

“My friend usually posts her ‘art’ for sale. That always includes scary dolls.”

A “recycled” deer head

Promotion: buy one demon, get one free!

This “Over the Hill” Snowball Has Swirling Pieces of Hair Instead of Snowflakes

Over the hill and going crazy!

“Guess what I found at a garage sale…”

A homemade creation, with teeth and old clothes… children probably won’t like it very much

“Today I ended up buying it at a garage sale. I finally got a place to store all my dead flies.”

Found in a flea market antique store

A flexible dog statue

playful ashtray

objective chair

Happy reading for the holidays

Clarifications about the vomiting of animals

From zombie ants to vampire bats,

251 interesting facts about vomiting,

regurgitation and others.

“A real skeleton, glowing, inside a lamp… Just what I was looking for!”

Squirrel skeleton in a lamp

85 dollars

A scary snowball

“This ‘bra tree’ was for sale near my parents’ house”

A decorative “thing” for the feet

“I felt a deep sadness when I saw this photo…”

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