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How to remove glue from surfaces

One of the things that most annoys anyone when buying a new product, especially cups, jars, buckets and other items that are more exposed, is the glue that sticks to the packaging along with a piece of adhesive that seems impossible to remove.

Fortunately, there is no reason to panic. If that was a problem that bothered you, you can say goodbye to it. Below we present practical and inexpensive solutions to remove any type of glue from packaging using products that can be easily found in the supermarket. Check out.

Adhesive glue on packaging

One of the ways to remove this type of glue is by using the normal vinegar that we use in cooking.

Step-by-step: Apply a little vinegar, preferably white wine vinegar, over the entire area of ​​the sticker and where the glue is spread. Let it rest a little. Then rub with your fingers or a kitchen sponge. Ready, the adhesive comes off and the product is free of glue. Wash and dry the packaging to make it ready for use.

Other types of packaging glue

Glue for packing glass bottles, for example, may not work with the vinegar trick. To remove this type of glue, called nonpolar, we use another technique, see.

Step-by-step: To remove the so-called non-polar glues, you will need cooking oil. In this case, rub the oil over the glue so that it dissolves and comes out. On more robust and non-scratching surfaces, you can use a sponge. As for the most delicate surfaces, prefer to dissolve the glue with the help of a paper napkin or paper towel.

Glue from wall or other dirty surfaces

Furniture or walls that contained stickers and these have been removed, but the glue has stuck, will usually collect dirt and dust where the glue is still. This can leave any surface looking dirty. So, learn how to remove this glue and dirt in a simple way.

Step-by-step: To remove the glue along with the dirt, take pieces of masking tape. Take the masking tape strips and lay them on the dirt. This way, the glue and dirt will stick to the tape and come off the surface.

More tips…

If even with these three options you still can’t remove glue from a sticker on a package, car or other surfaces, you can opt for products made specifically for removing glue from sticker. These products can be found on the market or in specialized building materials stores. However, it is important to check which surfaces it can be used on, before applying where you want to avoid stains.

Another tip we suggest is to avoid sticking stickers on surfaces such as walls painted with normal paint and on the bodywork of cars. On the wall, it may be that when you remove the sticker, the paint comes out with it. And on the car body, the sticker can leave a stain and it’s not so easy to take off without scratching.

A solution for those who need to attach something to the wall or even fix objects is the adhesive putty. There are already several companies that distribute the product in Brazil and it is marketed as a dough that can be placed on any surface, as it leaves no marks. This is an interesting alternative to the use of traditional adhesive tapes that leave traces of glue wherever they go.

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