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17 Reports of internet users who found themselves betrayed by those they least expected — the people closest to them

“There is no worse enemy than a false friend” – says a popular saying. Probably everyone has a story about close people who turned out to be someone else entirely, under certain circumstances. For example, during a divorce, in a dark alley, or even after marriage.

We, from awesome.club, we found 18 reports from internet users who came across such hypocrisy, in people considered close, and we wouldn’t wish that experience even on an enemy. Check out!

I spent my childhood very sick. My mother decided to take advice from friends about having another child in case something happened to me. On my 10th birthday, she had another girl. I remember like it was yesterday the moment she came home carrying my sister with a pink ribbon, as if it were a present. My mom said she couldn’t take care of me like she used to. Soon after, I moved in with my dad, managed to survive, and became a relatively healthy adult. But it is impossible to forget this betrayal. © Unknown author / Quora I went out with my boyfriend. It was late, so he walked me home. We decided to take a shortcut. It was dark and there was little lighting. We come across a group of guys. They started: “Hey man, introduce us to the girl”. That pissed me off so much. So my boyfriend threw up his hands and said, “Guys, I don’t want any trouble. I’m leaving”. He turned around and walked away. Without me. My face fell to the ground, and so did the boys. I watched them and I wanted to run away. Then one of them said, “Your boyfriend sucks. Come on, let’s take you home.” And they did. After all, they were good people. © Elena / AdMe
A few years ago I developed a seizure disorder. Then my best friend stopped talking to me because I wasn’t the same person anymore. It hurt me so much and broke my heart. It took me a long time to get over it. © Ilovestrawberryshake / RedditI had a friendly relationship with my classmates. Everything looked fine. Until I accidentally walked into the bathroom and overheard their conversation: “It’s good that she’s our friend, at least she’s good at physics and we can do lab practices with her. And when it’s over, we can forget about it.” © Irina Melnikova / FacebookI met my ex on a dating site. Everything was fine until I suggested moving in together. The first clues that something was wrong came when my beloved put passwords on her cell phone and computer, although I never used them. So I accidentally found out that her boss was hitting on her, sent her flowers, gave her perfume, and she hid it all in her parents’ apartment. I didn’t want to give up on her. I loved her and decided to ask her to marry me. She say yes”. Everything was fine for a while, until the day after my birthday she said she was leaving. She took the cat litter box, last box of washing powder, toilet paper, door mats and much more. Poor my cat, she ran out of her box. I recently found her with her new boyfriend. © CubinskiyRo * / Pikabu
I had a best friend with 20 years of friendship. All the important events of our lives were together. We knew everything about each other. But after she remarried, she stopped talking to me. And she never explained why. © Unknown author / Reddit Once, on my way out in the morning, I left a little crocheted superman I made on top of my boyfriend’s computer with a little note: “I love you!”. He called me angrily asking why he left it and asked me not to make changes to his space without asking him first. It hurt me a lot. © brokenmatch / RedditMy husband tried to talk me into adopting a Siberian husky. Everyone said it was a dog that demanded responsibility, you had to walk it for hours. In the end, I gave in and we adopted an abandoned female dog, now an adult. She was big, educated and smart. But still, she needed a lot of care. Six months later, my husband was already sick of the pet, although I took care of it more. He wanted to find her a new home, but I declined. He wouldn’t give up on her and cheat on her. I believe I will have to find a new home for both of us. © Overheard — They’re talking about you here / VK
My wife left me without my knowing. When I returned from my trip, I simply found the apartment empty, all the furniture and appliances gone. I was generously presented with a pot of freshly made food and some utensils left in the kitchen cupboard. She still asked me for all the gifts back and even a robe that I used to stay at home. By the way, she soon got married, and six months later she was already divorced, and, of course, she also took everything away from the guy. Now, she is remarried. Maybe it’s a strategy. © whateverdude / Pikabu During my last semester of high school, I found out I was pregnant. I told three friends of mine at the time and begged them not to tell anyone. Only my boyfriend, the child’s father, came to tell me that a friend told him about a rumor of my pregnancy. Supposedly, one of my friends spread the news to everyone. Worst of all, when I confronted them, they denied everything. Looking into my eyes. © vfunkymnky25 / RedditWhen my ex-husband divorced his first wife, she took the toilet in the house. It was a good vase. She said that it was difficult for her father to get it, so she couldn’t leave him. It was at the height of the 90s crisis, it was not easy to buy another one. My ex used the bathroom at work for three months before he was able to buy a new one. But what bothers me the most is that she dumped him for someone else. Did she take the toilet as a dowry? © MelissaFlorova / Pikabu
I made friends with two mothers. Our children attended the same school. We became very close, we helped each other for 3 years, we raised our children together. But when I got divorced, they both abruptly stopped talking to me. And to this day, they haven’t called or written to me. I recently found out from a mutual friend that the reason is that “separated women are dangerous to their husbands and divorce can be contagious”. © SheWhoComesFirst / Reddit When I first started dating my now-ex-boyfriend, he kept saying he couldn’t stand “dirty” women. If a girl had wet armpits, he would never date her. When we first started dating, I noticed that he always smelled like sweat and changed his underwear once a week. I never saw him wearing deodorant. When I asked why, he said, “Oh, you mean that spray? I’ve seen it a few times at an acquaintance’s house”. © Overheard — This is about you / VKWhen I was getting divorced from my husband, he said that I would beg for a piece of bread. After all, she was a housewife, with neither a job nor a home of her own. A year later, I got a job with a good salary. One day, my ex finally agreed to return some of my stuff that he had left. When we met, he brought me a package of cheap muffins and said, “These are for you. Probably haven’t eaten that in a long time. I decided to spoil her a little.” All proud of helping a poor thing. I replied: “Thanks, but I don’t want to. Today I’m going to have pasta with shrimp for dinner”. I could see the hatred in his eyes that words cannot convey. Then he spread rumors that I had a sugar daddy. © Chamber № 6 / VK
I got all dressed up for my ex-boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. I was wearing one of my favorite dresses, makeup on. Honestly? I looked beautiful. Before we left, he said, “Wait, I want to take a picture of him, because I probably won’t see you better dressed.” I don’t think I meant to sound so rude, but…it hurt. © Darth Leia99 / Reddit On the day of the first date, we went to a restaurant. When we arrived, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. I guess I thought I was going to be late. When I got back, he was going through my purse and taking pictures of my ID. I was so terrified, I just didn’t know what to do. © Anastasia Petkova / FacebookMy friend used to borrow money from me. I did not care. But once she saw my father giving me a lot of money and wasted no time in asking me for a loan. I was embarrassed, because my intention was to give it to my mother. She suggested me an excuse so I could borrow it. Her suggestion to trick Mom ended up pushing me away from her. I didn’t quarrel, just the friendship cooled. © Altynai Moldabekova / AdMe

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