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Want to rock this carnival without spending too much? We have 20+ simple and creative ideas that will help you

Carnival is one of the most popular, traditional and, above all, democratic festivals in Brazil. In revelry, there is room for everyone, without distinction or prejudice. However, we know that spending on the costume can be high and may be out of budget. That’s why, to avoid any worries, we’ll prove to you that it’s not necessary to spend a lot to rock the carnival production. Choosing the look is always interesting to enjoy with more animation.

So, to inspire you, the awesome.club prepared a list of some of the best items to throw in the party this year. Take a look!

1. Neon nail polish

You can bet on neon nail polishes with no weight on your conscience, as there is no doubt that they will be a big trend in the revelry. And since it’s time to be generous with glitter, how about combining the two? The result can be stunning!

2. shoulder pads

A retro-style accessory, dating back to the paquitas era, but which has already fallen into the grace of revelers. The shoulder pads can be made of cloth, sequins… it doesn’t matter… whatever material they are, they promise to be a big hit this year and they’re just too cute! Let’s match?!

3. Temporary tattoo

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo, but didn’t have the courage? Then this moment is yours! Temporary tattoos come out in just 3 days and there is a wide variety of arts, ready to serve all tribes and color the entire body.

4. Neon visor

5. fanny pack

This item came back with everything. The fanny pack is a functional addition to any event, as it allows you to enjoy it in style and safely. She can be your best friend when putting together the look for the carnival blocks!

6. Tulle skirt

A classic and timeless element: it never goes out of style and 2020 will be no different. The combinations that can be made are countless and the piece is perfect for those who leave the preparations for the last minute, as it works with any look. The tulle skirt is already part of the carnival culture!

7. Ribbon earrings

Ribbon earrings have been very successful in the last year and their popularity continues unabated. In 2020, they remain a super trend. In fact, the louder the better!

8. Ribbons in the hair

The ribbons are an indispensable item to fall into the revelry. They have great versatility and in the same way they are used in earrings, they can also be used in hair in many ways. Every detail is precious, right?!

9. Skirt with fringes

Carnival is hot weather, so how about opting for a fringed skirt? They usually go very well with a body or with shorts🇧🇷 It is also worth assembling a kit with the metallic material. We bet it will be a knockout!

10. Gemstones on make

11. Bustier with flowers

Don’t want to go shopping? No problems! All you need is a bustier or a top that you no longer wear to make your own costume. Artificial flowers can be applied to fabric with a short seam or even hot glue. A simple idea, but with a huge effect.

12. One-piece fantasy

Speaking of simplicity, if you’re one of those people who like minimalism, your time is now! Remember that pink sweater from your dad, brother or partner? We can turn it into a Boo costume, the cute little girl from Monsters Inc; only one teddy bear is missing.

13. Sunflowers

The flower that accompanies the movement of the sun is the face of summer and to take advantage of the season and the theme, why not wear a printed bodysuit as a costume?! Or how about giving it a boost? You can opt, in addition to the make-up, for fishnet tights and a bow with artificial flowers. Abuse creativity!

14. Can holder

Perhaps this item is new to you. The can holder is basically a customized circular styrofoam holder with a handle, so that it not only keeps your can cold for longer, but also composes your look according to your character. Amazing, isn’t it?!

15. Sea shells

You know those little shells you take home when you go to the sea? Now, they have uses other than decorating the aquarium: they work as a great trim for customization. The tops or tiaras are much prettier with them and you don’t have to spend a real.

16. Metal sets

17. Carnival tiaras

Tiaras are also a traditional item at other carnivals, but they have gained a new feature in recent years: phrases, which have been a hit. That’s why we’ve brought some that will definitely hit the streets this year.

18. It’s that saying, right?

19. A dose of self-esteem

20. The most attractive “arque” of the carnival

21. For powerful women

22. Love is hot all year round, but why not show it off at Carnival?!

23. Creative Plaques

Signs are causing a stir on social media and are one of the most fun ways to get in the party mood. The more unusual the phrase that composes it, the better! And you can use these posters either alone or with your partner or friends. Below are some more ideas that might inspire you!

24. “…They’re too much!”

25. Tomorrow is a mystery, so…

26. Hitting the jackpot is finding love!

27. And if there is rain…

28. Flirting is also allowed

Carnival goes far beyond the festive atmosphere. This year, the estimate is that the holiday will move 8 billion reais in the Brazilian tourism sector. Not bad, right?! Do you have any other tips for those who want to enjoy the happiest time of the year? Leave it in the comments for other readers!

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