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17 mouthwatering cheese bread recipes

Few foods are so beloved that they are almost unanimous. And cheese bread is an easy part of that list. This typical Brazilian recipe originates from the state of Minas Gerais, which left the whole world with water in their mouths and shared this easy and very tasty snack.

The traditional cheese bread recipe is based on cassava flour in addition to other ingredients and, of course, cheese. Most of the variations in the recipes are the type of cheese, the flour and the way of preparation.

Cheese bread is often considered an unhealthy food. But in fact it alone does not destroy a balanced diet. In the opinion of the master in human nutrition Roberta Santiago de Brito, who works in the clinical, sports and functional areas, the great advantage of cheese bread is its method of preparation compared to other delicacies ingested at snack time. “Cheese bread is made baked, whereas most other snacks are made deep-fried in oil, which makes the food absorb even more fat,” she points out.

Currently, there are a number of brands that produce cheese bread, some more and others less healthy. A tip is to look at the amount of ingredients, the fewer ingredients on the list, the better the product. Another suggestion is to opt for artisanal productions that normally take smaller amounts of chemical additives, preservatives and stabilizers.

But the best way to eat a delicious and healthy cheese bread is to make your own. excited? So check out some cheese bread recipe options and hand in the dough!


1. Pão de queijo mineiro: the most basic recipe for cheese bread. It takes sour starch, semi-cured cheese, eggs, oil, milk, water and salt. This very detailed recipe will help you make a perfect cheese bread!

2. Pão de queijo bolo: very similar to the traditional recipe, this one takes baking powder and the dough is poured into a cake form with a hole in the middle (or pudding). Any type of flour can be used.

3. Frozen cheese bread: this very simple and detailed recipe uses butter, in addition to oil, and is ideal for freezing. It also mixes sweet and salty sprinkles. That way you keep portions ready in the fridge.

4. Pão de queijo with sweet sprinkles: a recipe from several generations that uses only sweet sprinkles. Coming straight from the most traditional Minas Gerais cuisine.

5. Cheese bread with sour sprinkles: this cheese bread step-by-step takes only sour sprinkles and, in addition to the traditional Minas cheese, a touch of provolone cheese.

6. Vegan cheese bread: perfect for those who don’t eat foods of animal origin, but who want to enjoy a warm cheese bread. Just replace the Minas cheese with tofu.

7. Baked cheese bread: just mix 100g of Parmesan cheese + 1 box of cream + 2 cups of sweet sprinkle + salt. Mix until you get a homogeneous mass, roll into balls and take to the medium/high oven for about 10 minutes.

8. Forminha cheese bread: it uses the same ingredients as in the traditional recipe, but in different amounts to make the dough lighter. The raw dough tends to be more liquid and that’s why you use muffin pans for baking.

sweet fillings

9. Pão de queijo with guava: imagine a sweet cheese bread with a warm guava filling! This recipe takes, in addition to the guava paste for stuffing, sweet sprinkles, egg, cream and two types of cheese.

10. Cheese bread with sour cream: this very easy recipe replaces eggs with sour cream in addition to flour, cheese and salt. Very simple and you can even freeze it.

savory fillings

11. Stuffed cheese bread: in this recipe the fillings were chicken and sausage with Minas cheese, but you can invent many others. She also suggests that mixing in a certain amount of sweet starch helps make the cheese bread hollow.

12. Pão de queijo sandwich: this recipe promises a delicious snack of cheese bread made in the sandwich maker and with a suggestion of two fillings: guava paste and cheese with ham.

Many different

13. Pão de queijo light: a great option to make your snack healthier. Just replace most of the cheese with ricotta, the oil with olive oil and still add plain yogurt.

14. Tapioca cheese bread: this super interesting recipe is actually a variation of pan tapioca, but with a taste of cheese bread!

15. Mug cheese bread: very easy, quick and juicy. Just mix an egg + 4 spoons of milk + 3 spoons of oil + 4 spoons of grated cheese + 4 spoons of flour + 1 teaspoon of yeast and mix everything.

16. Microwave cheese bread: a healthy, practical and very quick recipe. Cheese rolls are creamy and ready in a minute!

17. Pão de queijo from a skillet: it’s like a cheese bread in the shape of a pancake, prepared in a skillet and ready to serve. They are crispy and need few ingredients.

Cheese bread fattening?

Nutritionist Roberta explains: “To condemn a food as “this one makes you fat” or “this one loses weight”, would be somewhat cruel. Usually they say that cheese bread is fattening due to its composition having basically simple carbohydrates, which would be sour cassava starch (manioc starch). Its rapid absorption leads to a glycemic peak, causing the secretion of the hormone insulin, thus favoring weight gain. However, we can eat a traditional cheese bread without it necessarily causing a glycemic peak, just associate the intake of this with a more fibrous juice, for example”.

Another factor that makes the cheese bread infamous is that in its preparation there is the addition of a large amount of oil, in addition to the saturated fat present in the cheese itself, which makes it considered greasy. Roberta Santiago also analyzes that “vitamins and minerals appear in insignificant amounts, with sodium being the one that stands out due to its greater quantity, which would not be any benefit”.

How to value a healthier preparation of cheese bread?

According to Roberta, “to make cheese bread healthier we can reduce the amount of sour starch and insert fiber (chia and flaxseed are the most used) and eggs, thus increasing the proportion of proteins and carbohydrates”. And she even detailed a unique functional cheese bread recipe, which can be inserted into an individualized diet:

20. Functional cheese bread prepared by nutritionist Roberta Santiago de Brito


  • 3 tablespoons of tapioca flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons of chia
  • 3 tablespoons of light cottage cheese
  • 300g fresh Minas cheese, cut into cubes

Preparation: Beat all the ingredients in the blender, except the fresh Minas cheese. Distribute portions in cupcake molds and throw cubes of Minas cheese inside. Bake in the oven for approximately 30 minutes. Remove from the oven, unmold and serve!

As you can see, cheese bread can also be prepared in a healthy way and does not need to be completely excluded from your diet, but consume it in moderation. Enjoy your food!

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