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8 Modern Rules of Etiquette Everyone Should Know

Are you interested in good manners? Although some etiquette rules may be out of date, we cannot deny that good education is essential for living in society.

It is true that many etiquette rules seem – and indeed are – outdated, belonging to a world in which women were seen as very fragile beings and incapable of opening and closing a car door.

Modern etiquette is not just about maintaining status or knowing which of the 538 cutlery you should eat your oysters au gratin with. Rather, they are guidelines for conduct that value respect for others above all else.

There’s always that maxim: don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you. Shall we check?

1. Leave the phone in silent mode

Even if the person doesn’t check their cell phone constantly, it’s very unpleasant to be in the company of someone whose cell phone doesn’t stop beeping with the arrival of WhatsApp messages or Facebook notifications.

There’s no way to have a serious conversation next to a cell phone making noise and disturbing thoughts. So if you are together with someone else, leave the device in silent mode.

2. Avoid checking messages all the time

Of course, there are emergency situations in which we have to keep our cell phone in sight, but in other cases, it’s very annoying to be in the presence of someone who seems to care more about their cell phone than about you.

In addition to leaving the device in silent mode, it’s worth making an effort to direct your focus to the person you’re with, and not spend your time answering messages or simply watching social media updates.

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3. Be punctual

It’s not enough to just let them know at the last minute that you’re going to be 30 minutes late, especially when it comes to an appointment with the hairdresser or the manicurist. By delaying your service, the professional will cause a chain delay with all other customers.

And, of course, that goes for social engagements too. Everyone has a lot of tasks to do, and other people’s time is worth as much as yours. Keep in mind: there’s going to be a lot of traffic anyway, so get out of the house early.

4. Greet people when entering a room

Don’t be that person who has worked at the same place for years and never greeted the doorman or receptionist. You don’t need to linger on long conversations in the morning, but let the person know that you’ve noticed they’re there.

The general rule is that whoever arrives is the one to greet, so always say a discreet “good morning” to the people you pass until you reach your office desk.

5. Be careful in traffic

Good manners are also essential in traffic, where it is not uncommon to witness violent arguments caused by disrespect for others. Obey the preference signs, take turns when asked and never fail to give the arrow – in these cases, the lack of kindness can lead to a serious accident.

It’s worth remembering: pedestrians also deserve respect, so take extra care when traveling on rainy days so you don’t end up soaking someone when you pass a puddle.

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6. Check the volume of your headphones

This rule applies to the work environment, the bus and the plane: even if you are using headphones, make sure the sound is not “leaking” and disturbing the people next to you.

In addition to bothering others, listening to music that is too loud is bad for your hearing. That is, there are two reasons to moderate the volume of the headphones.

7. Avoid hitting the front seat

More and more, planes turn into sardine cans – and if you’re not lucky enough to be able to buy a ticket in business class – you’ll be all crammed into the seat, like most mortals.

It certainly bothers you if the back passenger kneels in your seat all the time, so it’s worth taking care not to bump the front seat too much either. And if you are traveling with children, explain to the little ones that this attitude is very annoying.

The care also applies to the back passenger: before reclining your seat, make sure he is not using a notebook resting on the table or even eating. A simple look back avoids much discomfort at these times.

8. Don’t overdo it on social media

Publicizing couples or family fights on the internet is not a good idea. In addition to sharing your problems with the whole world, you will also expose people who most likely would not want to appear on social media in this way.

The rule of not exaggerating is also worth thinking twice before tagging a friend in a compromising photo or filling her Facebook with memes of questionable taste that can even damage your professional image. When in doubt, always send in private.

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More than following a dusty manual with rules of etiquette at old-fashioned court balls, paying attention to the rules of coexistence makes everyday life easier for everyone. Let’s practice?

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