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15+ People Who Realized Life Is Too Short To Waste Time Doing What They Don’t Love

How many people think about changing professions, but keep working day after day with something they have no interest in? It’s because? Well, first there are many fears: starting from scratch, making mistakes, social pressure. These are just a few factors that can paralyze even those who would have every chance of becoming successful in their desired field. There are, however, some brave ones who, despite adversity, find the strength to leave a job they don’t love and go in search of happiness.

We, from incredible.club, we admire people who are not afraid of change and risk trying a new profession. That’s why we decided to show you some inspiring stories that prove the same point: anything is possible when you want it!

My stepfather made hats in the 90s and even worked as a taxi driver. Later he found some paints at home and started making modernist paintings. Still think it’s too late to do what you love? © mementomorrigan / Twitter
My mother worked as a programmer for a government agency, but then her salary was reduced, so she decided to start working in sales with my father. For nearly 20 years they ran a chemical store. When they closed shop, however, my mother moved on and became a masseuse at age 60. I found out later that she had always been very fond of anatomy. In addition, she feels fulfilled when she sees that people are happier because of her work. In four years, she managed to create a loyal clientele. And today she has a busy schedule. I’m so proud! © Olga Beshley / Twitter

“I served in the army for 15 years, but now I’m a manicurist”

My ex-girlfriend taught manicure classes. Once I got interested and thought: why not try to learn something new? That’s how it all started. I earned my certificate of completion and now work as a manicurist in a salon. And look, I like it a lot.

I was born and raised in a small village. I studied a little and then I started working as a supermarket cashier🇧🇷 It may sound funny, but what really made me want to change my life was pension reform. I realized that I would need to work for a long time before retiring, so why not work on something I’ve always loved, programming? I researched information on the Internet, did online exercises, read books, and watched several educational videos. I dedicated all my free time to this, still juggling a job and a young daughter.
When I started looking for jobs in the field, it was rejection after rejection. Who would want to hire a 30 year old woman with zero programming experience? I felt defeated. Later, however, I noticed that my resume did not favor me at all and decided to change everything. From then on, companies started inviting me for interviews. Today, I’ve been working as a programmer for three months and I’m very happy with what I do. The most important thing is to get up in the morning and think that I’m going to work doing what I really love. Happiness defines! © Poxynik / Pikabu

Today is my graduation and also my mom’s

I worked in a warehouse and at the same time in wholesale. I dedicated myself to it seven days a week, even on holidays. The salary was low and the responsibility very high. Once a friend offered me a job as a masseuse (at that time I already knew how to do classic massage, as I had taken a course), and I decided to throw my luck in the air. Today I work as rehabilitation masseur for people with brain trauma🇧🇷 The joy of seeing parts of the body that haven’t moved in a long time, such as legs or arms, have movement again because of their work cannot be expressed in words! © GAARA90 / Pikabu
I worked 40 years as an accountant. As time went by, I noticed that the kids were growing up, life was passing by, and I was totally dependent on my job. All I thought about was numbers, reports, and such nonsense. For about five years, couldn’t relax my mind🇧🇷 So I decided to drop everything and buy equipment to renovate my apartment. Today, I work with works. The money is the same, but I have much more free time. © Подслушано / VK
In the photo below, 40-year-old Sergey Gylev. For nine years, he worked on a sports website managing social media and on a platform aimed at bloggers. Around the same time, he began to study Performing Arts. First, he appeared in a few sporadic episodes here and there, but this summer, he landed the role of the villain (one of the most important) in one of the most talked about serials in Russia, Chiki🇧🇷 © yurydud / Instagram
My aunt graduated in Geology and has always worked with Geological Engineering. After turning 40, however, she decided to change: she learned Spanish and went to work for six months in Mexico. Today she is finishing her master’s degree in Literature to teach Russian (her mother tongue) to foreigners. © blackthorn_g / Twitter
My friend graduated in Economics in 2003. He worked in a bank and grew professionally in his career until he realized that his vocation was really Medicine. He took the entrance exam, entered a public university and studied for seven years. Today he works as a surgeon with skills in robotics (makes titanium implants in worn out joints), thus giving many people the chance to have a full life. © Dobriak81 / Pikabu

“My mother finished her doctorate in Social Sciences. Her goal was to graduate by age 60, but she achieved it a year earlier than planned”

I never wanted to have a grand wedding, but that’s exactly what changed my life. Before I got married, I worked for eight years in finance and, yes, hated my job🇧🇷 Later, I met my husband, and he asked for my hand in marriage. I did the organization of the event practically by myself. I enjoyed the process so much that I decided to study further and then I started working at an agency as a wedding planner! I’m immensely happy for not being afraid to change. I go to work like it’s a day off! © Подслушано / VK
At the age of 33, I left my country and lost the chance to work in my area of ​​training, so I started drawing. Before it was just a hobby, which I had taught myself. In four years, I started working with painting and today I make a living selling my works. © ThistleArts / Twitter

“Before adopting his current profession, my hairdresser, Renato, worked as an economist for 14 years. Today, customers need to make an appointment with him a month in advance.”

At the age of 31, I left sales and started working with Design. I took professional courses and an internship at a company, where I was later hired. I’ve been happy for two years now. © antonstvo / Twitter

“What started as a hobby (fixing computers in my garage and selling them) turned into a successful business. Today, I sell at least five computers a week”

I worked with sales for a long time: it sold everything from CDs and cell phones to hydraulic motors. In the last company where I worked, I started having health problems: anxiety, depression, I slept badly and my body felt exhausted. I was disgusted with work. Just the thought of sitting in that office sent me into an abyss of sadness. I resigned. After spending 15 days at home, I found a vacancy for blacksmith’s apprentice in a factory. And with that, my life changed. Yes, the work is hard and dangerous, but thanks to it, I have peace of mind and self-confidence. I learned the art of computer numerical control and, today, I see that I enjoy getting up to go to work, even if it is difficult. I also started to sleep better and my body felt the difference: my hands no longer shake and my fat was replaced by muscle. I feel, most of the time, an enormous well-being. Most importantly, however, I began to gain perspective on life. Yes, I was afraid to change my line of work, but I never regretted my decision. Lucky everyone! © Abadonna88 / Pikabu

Among your friends, is there anyone who wasn’t afraid to change professions even later in life? Or maybe you yourself had such an experience? Share in the comments!

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