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17 Netizens Shared Their Most Bizarre Hotel Experiences Around The World

How bad can a hotel be? It is very uncomfortable, no doubt, when the environment is dirty or the pillows are bad. What if the bathroom is right in the middle of the room or the room doesn’t have a bed? That sounds crazy, doesn’t it? However, netizens shared accounts of hotel experiences so bizarre that even the most fearless traveler would be unsure whether to laugh or cry.

We, from awesome.club, we read some stories about bad hotels and selected the most interesting and funny ones to share with you. And at the end, as a bonus, there’s even a report about a guest who accidentally ended up organizing a real mess in his hotel room. Check out!

I stayed in a hotel that could well be called a hostel. At the end of the hall of 20 rooms there were 2 bathrooms and 2 showers. The rooms were tiny, with only room for a single bed and a nightstand. There was no wardrobe or other furniture. Furthermore, I was surprised to see that the only small window in the room could not be locked. One day, all of a sudden, mine opened and, to my horror, a stranger walked in and simply said, “Sorry, I lost my keys.” © Kim Lo / Quora Last year, over the Easter break, my husband and I decided to take a trip to the beach. We booked a SPA suite at a hotel. What else could we want? But unfortunately this was one of those cases where you expect one thing and get something completely different. The bathroom had no door and was right in front of our bed! There was just a small bamboo screen next to it and I’m sure we were supposed to use that as a divider every time someone went to the bathroom. We tried to move to a different room, but because it was a public holiday, the hotel was fully booked. So all weekend one of us had to leave the apartment when the other needed to use the toilet. It was a horrible experience for us. Maybe the management of the place had a completely different understanding of “couples intimacy” that we were definitely not ready to experience. © Supreet Kaur / Quora
The hotel bathroom clogged, and the flow of water was so strong that I jumped to the edge of the tub to escape. Do you know the Hollywood adventure movies in which the heroes swing from tree to tree, holding on to vines so as not to fall into a place full of crocodiles on the prowl? My escape went something like this, except I had to grab the bathroom door to escape a piece of used toilet paper that was floating next to me. © doublestitch / Reddit I once stayed in a hotel where the hot and cold water that supplied the room was piped the wrong way. The water in the toilet was boiling hot and kind of warmed your bum when you needed to use the toilet. © CADmonkeyM / Reddit

“Abajur / Abajurzinho”

My girlfriend and I got back to the hotel after being out all day and felt something wet on the floor. We couldn’t tell what it was because the lights were off and it was night. When we lit one of them, we saw that the toilet box had cracked and the room was flooded. When we went down to inform the reception, ask for the money back and cancel the reservation, we were offered another apartment. We accept. When we entered the new one, there was already someone staying there. The poor woman was horrified when she saw us. We got all our money back after that and left. © xoriginal_usernamex / Reddit I was on vacation last summer with two friends in Turkey. I went back to the room, but they stayed in the pool. When I got there, the bathroom door wouldn’t open at all. I went to the front desk and the manager said an employee would sort it out. When he saw me, the worker started saying: “What is your name, mine is Tarkan (or something like that), you are as beautiful as the moon, I fell in love at first sight, I want to kiss you. And your husband? Where is it? On the beach? Go fast!” I just ignored it and locked him in the room. A man was walking down the hall, I went up to him, told him the whole situation and asked him to come with me because I was scared. His name was Misha, he was on vacation with his wife. He came with me, and when we opened the door, Tarkan was sitting in his underwear on the bed. Misha asked in a menacing tone, “Why are you bothering my wife?” He tried to explain himself, straightened the door immediately and ran away. I went to the reception to tell what happened, but I don’t know if they understood me very well. In the evening I bought some fruit and gave it to Misha and his wife as a thank you for their help. The next morning they were gone. A few days later Tarkan came to me and said: “Your soul is dark, your husband found another and left with her.” © ZzZzzz11 / Pikabu

“This is my two bed room in Montreal”

We stayed at a casino hotel. As soon as we arrived, we put our things in the room and went straight to the casino. We returned hours later and were unable to enter the apartment. I went down to reception to find out why the key card was not working and when I got there I was told that our room had to be fumigated due to “an infestation”. I asked what kind of infestation, but the receptionist said he couldn’t give that information. The manager took us back there and the place was a mess, everything overturned, furniture overturned, mattress off the bed. I asked how the hell they put someone in a room knowing there was an infestation there, but he didn’t answer properly. I also asked what chemicals they used, but again the man did not respond. I just threw out everything that was edible, we didn’t use anything we had in our luggage, and we left early the next morning, never to return. When we got home, we washed everything in the hottest water possible. We had an itch for a few days. © whatoosee / Reddit This happened around Christmas time in China. I got back to the hotel after dropping my boyfriend off at the airport, so clearly not in the best of moods, and when I arrived I found that many of my things were misplaced and some items were missing, including my passport. There was food in the bathroom, my deodorant was in the shower, soap was on top of the television, things were taken out of my suitcase and put on, jewelry was on the floor, etc. I went to reception to try to speak Mandarin (I was studying) and explain the situation. My passport was the main problem, but I managed to get it back, but some gifts I bought my mom just didn’t show up. Turns out the maid took my passport with the sheets to the laundry room, which is crazy because it was stored in the closet. I did the Check-out two weeks ahead of schedule and got a refund for all the missing items as she admitted she threw them away but didn’t explain why she went through all my stuff. © mao64 / Reddit
A few years ago, I stayed at a hotel in Las Vegas that was undergoing renovations. Some faulty wiring caused an alarm to go off frequently with a recorded voice saying that some sort of incident was taking place and that everyone was to stay inside the room until notified. This all night. I couldn’t sleep and had to get up early and work all day. I was dragging myself to sleep. © harbac / Reddit I paid close to $300 to stay in a fancy hotel while at a conference in another city. They put me in a room with a kitchen, living room and four locked doors. Then I realized it didn’t have a bed, not even a sofa bed. Just a couch. I was put in a room adjacent to other apartments in the establishment. I checked my reservation and it said that I was entitled to a room with a bed. It took me almost 3 hours to solve the problem while arguing that if you pay for a hotel it’s because you need a bed to sleep. © RainbowZebraGum / Reddit
I needed to find a hotel to stay in a city because my daughter was going to participate in a gymnastics competition. I saw one with good reviews and a reasonable price, so I booked it. I had trouble finding the place because it was dark and the sign was not lit. The parking lot was pitch black and outside were two weird guys. The lobby was dimly lit with flickering lights. The room was not the best. Stained sheets, holes in the bedspread and hairs in the shower. The gym room consisted of a broken ladder and an old television on the floor that was also broken. I went to the front desk to say I wanted to cancel my reservation, and the receptionist said, “I don’t blame you. This place is horrible. I’m counting down the days until I get a job somewhere else to get out of here as soon as possible.” © DareWright / Reddit My friend started an internship as a chambermaid at an expensive hotel. The property was four stars, with a rating of 9.1, heaps of raves, chic rooms—in general, a luxury place. Here is my friend’s account: “I was put under the guidance of an experienced chambermaid and she showed me how to do everything. We go into the apartment, wash the dirty glasses with a sponge in the sink, in short, everything is as it should be. Then, with the same sponge, we washed all the plumbing and then the toilet. When we went into the next room, she washed the glasses with the SAME loofah. When I questioned it, she said, ‘Okay, a sponge has two sides.’ So if you use glasses in hotels, it’s best to wash them yourself. © GranTurismo / Pikabu

“They said the room would have a sea view”

I planned a trip once. I booked a hotel whose website photos were all beautiful. The room looked good for what I needed and with breakfast included. It was $100 a night, what could go wrong? Once there, in the establishment’s large parking lot, there were only two or three cars outside. I walked in and it took about 15 minutes for someone to assist me at the front desk. I did the check in and went to my room. When the elevator opened, surprise, a dark corridor, totally without lights. I was like, “Whaaaaaa?” The hotel was being renovated and I had to go through renovations to get to the apartment. When I got there, he was half the size I thought he would be. I went to take a shower after a long trip. I turned on the shower and the cold water didn’t work. I turned it on hot, it never got hot, it just stayed cold. Up until this point, I was a little frustrated that I was paying $100 for this experience. I was so tired that I decided to take a nap. I sat on the bed and saw a small thing move, I lifted the pillow and… A SPIDER’S NEST….

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