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15+ Facts and curiosities about Morocco — a country where the sea, the desert and the snowy mountains meet

Morocco is a country full of charms, ranging from the contrast of the blue sea with the burning desert to landscapes of snow-covered mountains, very busy markets and a truly unique flavor. In this country, goats climb trees, tea is served in a somewhat special way and colorful clothes and cities enchant the eyes of tourists.

We, from incredible.club, we dream of visiting all the countries in the world, and Morocco, of course, is at the top of our list. Come check out the curiosities and beauties of this country with us, follow along!

In Morocco, goats climb trees to “graze”, as in many areas there is almost no undergrowth

The colors of taxis in the country may vary according to the city. For example, in Casablanca the default color is dark red, in Marrakech — ochre, and in Tangier — cyan

During a traditional wedding, the bride wears not one but seven dresses in total, changing outfits several times during the ceremony. And this is how the fifth dress is, the most difficult to wear due to the large amount of details and props.

The city of Guelmim, located in southern Morocco and northern Western Sahara, is often considered the “gateway to the Sahara” (or “gateway to the desert”). There is located one of the largest camel markets

Tea is usually served in a peculiar way in Morocco: the drink is poured from a metal teapot from a high height directly into small glass cups.

Street vendors of water in the streets and markets of the country do not set a fixed price for water, as whatever the buyer is willing to pay for the product is satisfactory to them. In addition, they usually offer glasses of water for those who do not have the money to pay for the product.

The city of Agadir was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960, but has been completely rebuilt in compliance with all standards for preventing damage caused by earthquakes. Currently, it is the largest tourist resort on the coast of Morocco.

“I fell in love with the doors of this country. Each of them seems to be unique and reflect the soul of the owner through its peculiarities”

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“A photo I took at a fair in Morocco”

Tagine is a meat and vegetable based dish made in a special dish traditionally used in its preparation. And the whole set looks very beautiful, plus, of course, very tasty

“A friend sent me this photo that looks like a painting of the city of Shehzhou”

Babouches are shoes made of leather and considered one of the cultural symbols of the country. They are usually quite colorful, like everything else in the country.

The splendor of the country’s blue sea is fascinating and attracts surfers from all over the world.

Argania, the tree from which argan oil is extracted, known for its nutritional and cosmetic properties, is endemic to Morocco

“Bargaining is considered an art in the country. So much so that when my husband ‘fought’ firmly for the price of something, the sellers respectfully called him a ‘Berber’ and even invited him to have tea with them”

“If you are looking for a beautiful image to put as wallpaper, here is the photo I took in Morocco”

“When in Morocco, be sure to visit Legzira beach. If Shehhun is a city as blue as the sky, then Legzira is as red as Mars.”

What do you know or have heard about Morocco and its culture? What are you most curious to know: the charms of the desert or the blue and sunny coast of the country? Tell us in the comments section.

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