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20 Proofs That Incredible Readers Have The Best Answers On The Tip Of Their Tongue

Let’s start this post with a question: do you already follow incredible.club on the social networks? If the answer is “no”, then you don’t know what you’re missing. At Facebook, our team’s main objective is to awaken the desire to create in each person. So not only do we share positive stories and creative videos, but we also love sharing ideas with our followers.

From time to time, our team leaves questions and riddles on social networks, in order to find out the opinion and awaken the creativity of our followers. And some responses are so fantastic and “iconic” that they deserve to be shared.

Next, the incredible.club gathered 20 proofs that our readers always have the best answers at the tip of their tongue. At the end, we leave a riddle for you to answer in the comments.

20. How had we never thought of this?

19. It’s like the saying goes: “those who wait always reach”

18. We get goosebumps just thinking about it

17. Here’s the tip

16. Read our thoughts

15. There is the word “almost”, see? Cheers to husbands who help a lot around the house!

14. It was hard to choose just one response from our readers to this question, all the ideas were wonderful!

13. Did you remember any other term that we stopped using?

12. And isn’t it true?

11. The answer could be “wind” or “weather”, but we didn’t expect this one

10. We would only add the “açaí with banana”

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9. What would be your advice?

8. The reader made it clear that it was a joke, see? Who wouldn’t want to discover, from one day to the next, that they are heirs to a great fortune?

7. “I already told you to go to bed, Moqueca”

6. The correct answer would be “holes”, but this one was much better

5. We just changed the official answer

4. Undoubtedly the most appropriate (and creative) answer

3. This one made our team laugh out loud!

2. We are still trying to find an answer

1. “At the clothing store, at the market, at the cinema….”

After this list, there was no doubt that the readers of the incredible.club they are very creative! As our team loves to play charades, answer this question in the comments: “What is it, what is it? You can take it, but you can’t throw it?” Worth!

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