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14 psychological facts that will make you not believe the world is rosy

Do you want to boost your self-esteem? Want to be more balanced and happy? Would you like to develop your creativity and facilitate the relationship with someone? We have separated 14 interesting data from psychology that help to simplify our lives and achieve these goals.

O awesome.club hopes that this information not only shows what is happening with people today, but that it helps you to better face the problems of everyday life.

1. On average, a student in the 21st century has the same anxiety as a patient in a psychiatric clinic in the early 1950s.

Every 10 years anxiety grows in adults and children, and this happens for a few reasons:

we feel less and less socially connected, change jobs frequently, participate less in public organizations, put off weddings and commitments, and generally spend more time alone; we have a lot of questions, we crave wealth and perfect relationships, we have an unrealistic idea of ​​what we should look and behave like; we receive too much information about wars and catastrophes, which creates the feeling that the world is an extremely dangerous place.

2. In just 3 hours it is possible to convince a person that he has committed a serious crime

This can even happen in a friendly environment, like an interview.

Many people know that when we remember an event, we always recreate it. A study has shown that if the interviewer reasonably knows a person’s life, he can add some false details using special methods, thus being able to convince him that he is a criminal.

In many people who participated in this experiment, it was possible to generate memories about participating in robberies, aggressions or other problems that happened in adolescence, or even that never happened.

3. If you want to find great love, take your dog along

If you go on a date with your dog, it will significantly increase the possibility that everything will work out. People feel safe and approach those who are accompanied by their faithful friend.

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A study carried out in Brittany (France) showed that women are more willing to meet other people and are three times more likely to give their phone number when a man appears accompanied by a four-legged friend. In general, people who walk with animals are more relaxed and tend to convey more trustworthiness.

4. People relate important events to their favorite music

Our favorite songs are usually associated with some kind of story, with some person or with some emotional experience from the past.

5. Some people are afraid of happiness

The fear of happiness can appear in people who have experienced some kind of personal tragedy when they are having a very pleasant time. Therefore, when they experience happy moments, they unconsciously expect trouble and run away from happiness. These people are often called introverts and do not attend parties or other social events; in fact, they are afraid of socializing and the possibility of feeling happy.

6. The fear of losing your cell phone is similar to the stress caused by the fear of a terrorist attack

The biggest fears people have are the death of a loved one or being arrested. However, the fear people have of losing their cell phone is equated with the worry that a terrorist attack will happen. The list of the 5 most stressful situations includes natural disasters (fires and floods, for example), layoffs and serious illness.

7. Using a journal can help improve your physical health

For people who suffer from depression or eating disorders it is very important to keep daily notes. Journaling is a way to boost your immune system, help fight stress, or even prevent asthma attacks. Other advantages: the person starts to evaluate mistakes, preventing them from being repeated and can experience the satisfaction and joy of remembering past moments.

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However, it is not necessary to write much. Just log a few lines a day, if possible, always at the same time. In this sense, we express our accumulated feelings and analyze our lives better.

8. For creativity, the quality of ideas matters less than the quantity

Researchers have found that when people are paid for the quantity of ideas rather than the quality, the results are better. But this happens as long as a short rest period is offered. In addition, they got the recipe for creativity: creating as many ideas as possible, even those that seem very crazy and will be forgotten after a while. Only after the rest should the person return to the established task.

9. A 20-minute walk in the park makes us happier

The contact with nature makes us calmer. People who manage to spend at least 20 minutes in green spaces feel more satisfied with life. And you don’t have to run, you can just walk.

10. Background music worsens creative ability

Any music, in our language or another, is an impediment to creativity at work. Therefore, if you work with any activity related to text production, for example, listen to music only when you are resting.

11. To remember information, it is better to draw rather than write

12. The victory of our favorite team increases our self-esteem

People love sports because the victory of their teams positively influences self-esteem. The success of our teams tends to increase our self-affirmation and our state of mind for at least 2 days. On the other hand, defeat affects our mood, but not necessarily our self-esteem.

It’s always better to watch games with other people, so that happiness is greater and defeat seems less important.

13. Having a plan B decreases the chances of success

If you have a plan to open a new business or change jobs, for example, don’t have a plan B. According to some studies, when we think of another option, we decrease our chance of success.

14. To feel motivated to change, ask yourself this question: “Will I be able to do this?”

If you want to motivate yourself to lose weight, stop smoking or spend more time with your child, for example, no Stipulate the actions as follows: run in the morning or spend less time on social media. Instead, ask the question, “Will I be able to do this?” If you don’t feel an internal pressure when discussing the problem with yourself, then you will probably feel like taking action. According to psychologist Ibrahim Senay, by asking this question you direct your subconscious to the search for internal motivation.

In your opinion, why do people today suffer so many problems related to stress? How do you think these problems can be solved? Do you have any secrets for achieving happiness and training your willpower? Tell us in the comments.

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