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14 coffee brigadeiro recipes to innovate in the sweet taste

Can’t resist the taste of a good brigadeiro? So, how about incrementing the traditional version? For that, we show you several recipes for coffee brigadeiro. They are perfect for those who are looking for an intense flavor and want to get out of the routine. To choose the ideal recipe for you, check out the following list:

1. Coffee Brigadeiro for filling

This is a brigadeiro recipe that has a very creamy texture. This makes it a great bet to use as a filling. It is worth using it in cakes, pies or any other dessert you want. Interested? Then, write down the ingredients: condensed milk, cream, powdered chocolate, instant coffee and butter.

2. Coffee Brigadeiro in a small pot

Do you want practicality when serving your brigadiers? So, this potty recipe is an excellent choice. This way, you can eat the candy with a spoon and differentiate in the presentation. To learn step by step, check out all the tips in the video.

3. Gourmet coffee brigadeiro

The great differential of the gourmet brigadeiro is that it takes chocolate, in this case, it is the bittersweet that enters the scene. Condensed milk, coffee, cream and butter are the other ingredients that are part of the preparation. This is an option to roll that is a delight.

4. Coffee brigadeiro with milk chocolate

Condensed milk, milk chocolate, instant coffee, warm water and butter are the items needed to test this recipe. For decoration, you can still use chocolate sprinkles or even powder. Thus, in addition to an extra charm, you give more flavor to the sweetie. Check the preparation method.

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5. Coffee Brigadeiro with Chocolate Powder

Chocolate powder and coffee make quite a duo. Thinking about it, how about using these two ingredients when preparing your brigadeiro? Kitchen work is simple and time is short, yet the result is simply irresistible.

6. Coffee brigadeiro with powdered and semisweet chocolate

Want a brigadeiro with a very intense flavor? So, check out this recipe that takes soluble coffee, chocolate powder 50% cocoa and semisweet chocolate. This is a combination that does not go unnoticed and can conquer palates that are not fans of very sweet brigadiers.

7. Coffee Brigadeiro with Cocoa Powder

This is a recipe in which the brigadeiro is made with 100% cocoa powder and soluble coffee. However, the big difference is in the finalization of the candy. After being rolled, the brigadeiro is covered with a half-bitter flavor fractional coating. That way, it tastes more like chocolate and you still get a different presentation.

8. Coffee Brigadeiro with Yolk

This brigadeiro recipe that takes egg yolk is perfect to be used as a filling and toppings for cakes, pies and even to make truffles. Versatile, it is a good option for you to have written down in your recipe notebook.

9. Coffee Brigadeiro with glucose

Want to prevent your brigadier from crystallizing? For this, the tip of this recipe is to add glucose to the preparation. In addition, this ingredient even gives more lightness to your candy. This is a simple tip, but it makes all the difference. It’s worth checking out the preparation in the video.

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10. Ninho coffee with milk brigadeiro

This is a recipe that has a very interesting combination of ingredients. It is made with condensed milk, cream, semi-sweet chocolate, instant coffee, Ninho milk, cocoa powder and butter. As a result, you get a divine taste.

11. Cinnamon Coffee Brigadeiro

How about enjoying a cappuccino-flavored brigadeiro? For this, chocolate, coffee and cinnamon come into play in the preparation of this recipe. Did your mouth water just imagining this combination of flavors? So, see all the preparation tips in the video.

12. Mint Coffee Brigadeiro

In this recipe, two brigadiers are prepared: one with mint and the other with coffee. However, when rolling the sweetie, these two brigadiers are combined. So you can taste both flavors with a single bite. To improve even more, you also learn how to make a very charming decoration.

13. Vegan Coffee Brigadeiro

Free from ingredients of animal origin, this recipe uses condensed soy milk, vegetable margarine, strained coffee, lactose-free dark chocolate and soy milk cream. There are few ingredients, but they already guarantee a successful result. See the step by step to try it out.

14. Fit coffee brigadeiro

In this recipe, the condensed milk is left aside and makes way for mashed bananas. In addition, instant coffee, cocoa powder and milk powder are also used. This is a healthier alternative, but it doesn’t leave the taste aside.

Did you see how easy it is to combine the flavor of coffee and chocolate in the preparation of brigadiers? Before heading to the kitchen to test out your favorite recipe, also check out passion fruit brigadeiro recipes. They are sour and will be a hit on your table!

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