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13 Super Mysterious Stories That Could Scare Anyone

My friend loves all things mysticism: she reads cards, believes in goblins and ghosts, and loves astrology. I, on the other hand, am a very rational person: I believe in science to explain everything; chemistry, physics and biology are the key to any problem. We almost always disagree. Once, between us there arose a discussion about ‘spells’ of love. I decided to show that this was a lie with a personal example and together we performed a ‘spell’ with a boy I liked at school and who didn’t give a damn about me.

At the stipulated time, we put candles, blood, said some prayers, put his picture in the right place and that’s it. After a week, he accompanied me to my house for the first time. On the second date, we kissed. On the third, he said he loved me. At first I thought it was all a big coincidence, but his love turned into an obsession. When she declined an invitation from him, he became hysterical. Until he got aggressive and attacked me.

Frightened, I decided to break up with him. At first it was horrible: he would wait for me at the entrance of my apartment, write messages, call me and say he would die without me. He would spend the night at my apartment door and yell through the window. His parents decided to take him to another city before he made another mistake. I changed my cell phone and blocked it on all social networks. I hope I am not to blame for this inappropriate behavior. Apparently, witchcraft exist in the 21st century.

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