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13 Comics About How Children Represent Happiness And A Good Doll Of Hard Work

Artist Marina Bystrova has two children, who are the main sources of inspiration for her works. Looking at the comics below, we can easily recognize how very similar we are all: sometimes we go through the same problems and often the same joys. The main thing is to remain calm in the most difficult periods, and everything will turn out well.

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“Those who expect from children awareness and adult reactions are doomed to suffering”

Confess, who has been through this?

“It seems that no matter how positive I am about life, there will always be a grumpy lady living in the depths of my being.”

“Self time” with kids goes something like this

“Children come into the world to take away from us, adults, peace. That same peace that our brain so desperately needs.”

It’s all about comparison

“Say what, but parents have an almost innate ability to save energy and effort. And this is not laziness, they call it process rationalization”

Maternity leave. No right to rest or conversations with friends

“I’m glad we have the need to shower, because that gives me the right to have a space of my own inside my house”

“I am pulled in opposite directions by two sources of infinite requests — from the youngest and the oldest”

“Now the joke about how as a child I played with toys that never ‘stick’ off the floor doesn’t seem so funny anymore”

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“The blessed solitude: a blessed time for myself! Why didn’t I value you more before becoming a mother?”

“Oh, these dead-end dialogues”

And you have kids? Tell us the funniest stories you’ve ever been through and the hardest times too.

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