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12 Things We Usually Have At Home That Not Everyone Knows Can Be Recycled

Did you know that the average waste that a person can generate per day is up to 5 kg? And if we add all the people on the planet, more or less 2 billion tons of urban solid waste are produced per year? Yes, these numbers are not at all encouraging, but it turns out that not everything we throw away is garbage, since many of these things can be recycled or used to transform fertilizer for plants.

We, from awesome.club, we were quite surprised when we discovered that many of the objects we use on a daily basis can be transformed into very useful things. Thinking about it, we decided to share some tips on how to give a new opportunity to some objects that we usually have at home.

1. Old underwear

Old bras and panties are items of clothing that we don’t usually think about reusing; however, they can serve as padding for rag dolls or small pillows. Also, if you have pets these clothes can be used to create toy balls for them.

Another option to give an old bra a second chance is to look for non-profit organizations that receive these pieces as a donation; that way you can help people who can’t afford to buy new clothes.

2. Toothbrush

Toothbrushes have a huge variety of components, so they are difficult to recycle; however, there are recycling companies that take care of separating all these components. Once the different plastic and nylon parts are separated, they can be transformed into a wide variety of new objects, from tables to the toys we see on children’s playgrounds.

However, before you throw your toothbrush in the trash, don’t forget that it can be used as a cleaning tool, whether it’s cleaning jewelry or getting into those hard-to-reach spaces.

3. Compact discs (CDs)

CDs and DVDs are not as popular as they were a few decades ago, so they are often thrown away. However, it’s important to consider new uses for them around the home.

A CD can serve as a decorative base for candles, it can help scare away birds (just hang them on trees in the garden) and it can decorate picture frames or mirrors (just break it into small pieces).

4. Leftover ink

There is usually a little bit of paint left over when we do work at home. In order not to waste this material, how about using it in small decoration projects? You can, for example, create a chalkboard in your kids’ room just by painting a board a different color than the rest of the wall.

On the other hand, windows, chairs and other kitchen furniture can look great if painted in other colors. Also, as an alternative you can always let your friends and family know, after all, someone is very likely in need of some paint.

5. Coffee waste

Although the residues left over from coffee are organic, when they decompose they end up producing gases such as methane, which also increase the greenhouse effect on our planet. Fortunately, nowadays technologies are being developed that transform coffee grounds into biofuel capable of generating electricity.

But even from inside our house we can do our part and reuse what’s left after preparing a cup of coffee. On the one hand, our gardens can benefit, after all, the lees works as fertilizer; on the other hand, rubbing leftover coffee in the hair is a way to clean it of impurities and residues left by some beauty products.

6. Tea bags

The sachets used to prepare tea make a good mirror cleaner. When they are still wet, just rub them over the bathroom mirror that has soap or toothpaste stains to make it shine. In addition, they can be placed in the garden to add nutrients to the soil, as long as they do not contain any metallic components.

7. Post-it

Did you know that these blocks can be reused in compost? Many people think not, since although they are paper, they have a thin layer of glue. However, this glue is not usually toxic and breaks down easily.

8. Old jeans

Pants, jackets and other denim pieces can be used for many things when they no longer fit us. You can, for example, cut them into small pieces to make fun patches for other garments, bags and rugs; or, if the jeans are very old, it can serve as a cleaning cloth.

Now if the clothes are in good condition, you can take them to a charitable organization that accepts clothes as donations.

9. Used aluminum foil

One way to recycle the pieces of aluminum foil that we use to cover other foods is to make a ball out of all the foil and use it to clean the grill grates. Take the test and see how much easier cleaning is.

Aluminum foil can also be used to protect the floor when moving heavy furniture. You should just place the aluminum on the underside of the furniture; that way, when dragging them they won’t scratch the floor.

10. Hair accessories

Many accessories that we use in our hair can also have other uses around the house. Hair clips, for example, can hold curtains and elastic bands are great allies for organizing electrical wires or for securing the branches of some plants in the garden, especially those that we don’t want to fall.

11. Used water

The water we use at home can also be reused. The water that children use to clean brushes used in art tasks, for example, can be used to water plants. With the water we wash the rice we can clean surfaces in the kitchen or mix it with fabric softener when rinsing sheets, making them even softer.

12. Bread packaging

From bread packages, both plastic packages and the wire to close them can be used. The packaging, on the one hand, can be used to collect the dog’s poop when we go out for a walk. Wire is an excellent ally when it comes to organizing wires for small appliances, headphones or chargers.

What other objects do you usually recycle in your house? Share your ideas in the comments, let’s help save our planet.

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